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18+ help sex
have you ever heard about condoms?
2faced French fans
they are just arrogant and it shows in game. they try to play like top players but they aren't. i mean just look at the camera that films them... apEX is already trigerred after 2 rounds when he picke...
almost as low as Niko
i really hope for him he can perform on LAN like he does online without pressure and all, then get in a team like mouz or faze but... he gotta learn english though
I rate your humor
why does it take 10 blondes to screw a lightbulb in a caravan? cuz one is holding the lightbulb while the 9 others try to rotate the caravan why is the cock the emblem of france? cuz it's the only a...
Cs1.6 > CsGo (18+)
yeahhh i was young then and asked for help here.. never used my profile again untill 2017 when i had to answer to someone so dumb that i had to retrieve my password :D
Cs1.6 > CsGo (18+)
that actually does make sens lol... it doesnt require lots skill. and builders can outplay skilled (aimwise) person. plus it's cross platform so less cheater yeah
Cs1.6 > CsGo (18+)
any games on PC requiring skill is full of cheater
18 today
15yo then
18 today
how is that naive? how old are you? before 18 i've barely nothing interesting, just school, CS, shit parties and meaningless girls since then i've found the love of my life, i got a car, visited +10 ...
s1mple donation
he does whatever the fuck he wants in the end he still donated, but yeah it's a bit egocentric to say it out loud. he just tweeted the faceit admin that handles it
18 today
happy birthday, 18 isnt an enormous time of your life. you've spent like 14 years being a kid if you're healthy you can enjoy life and achieve things for like+ 40 years. life starts NOW
Astralis boring gameplay
if you want beautiful playstyle just watch fragmoviesµ if you want good CS watch team like astralis. you probably don't even understand what they do and why they do things in the rounds anyway
monitor hertz (HZ) bullshit
60Hz in 2018 LUL
navi freaking joke they're top1-2-3 in most of the tournament they played this year... so i guess being in the top3 hltv is pretty..... normal?