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LoL worlds
LoL pro started pack: bowl cut, round glasses, chewing gum, no facial expressions
2500+elo players who left CS COME HERE
Solo CS is hell. Find mates, become friends, and play for fun... like any game should be. FUN. Unless you're a pro then it's your job.
about womens 18+
glad you think about your mom
Twistzz scorpion tattoo
depends your line of work, you could be a cook, a mechanic, a designer anything not public related and find a job open your fucking mind
Twistzz scorpion tattoo
"RIP future jobs" it's 2019. atleast in my world also he'll probably won't need an average future job
dust2 problems solved
You're wrong about A site, it's easily re-takeable. B site I agree, but same thing on Inferno for example The only bad thing on D2 is this mid cross. It's way too easy for T's to hit someone crossing,...
R8 new PC
ohh ok ill look it up
R8 new PC
what dyou mean? (im no expert at PCs)
R8 new PC
I just bought this too, cant wait till next week and get rid of my 2012 shit PC Intel Core i7-9700K MSI B360 GAMING PLU Ballistix (2x8Go DDR4 2666 PC21300) CPU Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Ed...
[+18] Do people actually do this?
unless you got a tiny or a huge dick, it'll change nothing. plus the girl won't see it untill it's time to fuck, then your chance of fucking are already like 99% you bunch of insecure kids
Users with gf come here
we split/share everything, 28 and 26. living together but as i get prices on restaurant and cinema with work, i always pay for them. then she gives me money
3700x or 9700k
people always argue about this shit like they gonna send a rocket to Mars with their computers
zAAz so ugly
that pic is older than most of HLTV user
RDR 2 4k60fps trailer
+1, great visual but the game is boring AF, gameplay wise. It's like all you do is ride horse/talk Story is probably cool but I gave up after 10 hours on PS4
this is fucking great, i hope it default and not $$ skin ... newfags can't understand