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Don haci
you bind the wheel so you can bunny hop easier, even though CSGO competitive is trash for bunny hop. mwheel jump used to be THE thing for older version of CS space = 1 key = 1 chance to hit the good ...
Smartest hltv user?
me too
GOAT of football ?
If you take stats and achievements : Messi and CR7 If you take football skills and the feeling they give you: Ronnie and Zidane and Ronaldo Old guys are just name, no one here ever saw them actually ...
Vitality on Nuke
they've lost a fucking 5v2 on NUKE, how you gonna be so spread out on a 5v2 BRUUUUH
how can swedish girls be so hot?
Things is with Britain is that girls think its nice to be dressed like whores and make up shit. They put the whole sephora on their face, eyelashes bigger than their brains, drink more than men. It's...
Does flusha or other pro players cheat? see this, not a pro but a FPL guy, streaming the game with no shame thinking he was slick. it's really hard to see if you don't pay attention/whe...
dm kills
if you're a good player you don't need that much, you might not even need to warm up. i think being on aim/csdm for ages is not about warming up and getting kills. it's about focus and try to aim well...
also using factory new on glove is kinda useless and way way more expensive, go for MW or FT (with a pattern close to MW)
Knife+Gloves you can have lots of combo with 1000, check some youtube video. I personally got Vice gloves+Karambit&Bayonet Doppler (phase2, pink/blue) and it looks nice
Why hltv deleted/made unavailable all stats/history from 1.6
good question, but or if you still wanna see some
Zywoo fan`s
no topteam yet i agree, but he fucked hard mouz, luminosity, coL - winstrike and vega (who qualified for major) he's new to the scene so he'll end up playing top teams don't worry
Dust2 broken map
bruh you should have seen maps in 1.6 or early CSGO. Map are really even right now train used to be heavy CT sided, nuke too, let's not talk about 1.6 cbble. D2 T's heavy sided.. it's like only infern...
so they make another team stronger? nahh bruh aint gonna happen unless $$$$$ come
dont like beer
drop a shot of tequila in your pint, that shit is tasty and will get you druuuuuunk
Nade binds
E flash R smoke 4 - he mouse3 - molo