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What is the transpacific partnership?
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the fact that it was Bran who fucked up his ENTIRE life is what destroyed me. It is not himself when he dies neither, he didn't die a hero, he died a puppet of Bran, just as he lived his entire life. ...
Merkel or Trump
Trump has done nothing wrong so far. Merkel just welcomed a bunch of rapists and criminals to Germany.
Why TRUMP is the best for USA.
really? Last I checked latinos have a reputation of drug dealers and fronter sneaking rapists. I am not proud of that and I am pretty sure a wall will help with that.
Why TRUMP is the best for USA.
tax evasion is almost a must do amongst corporations, if they can they will do it. Ok that said, I do think he's first a businessman than a politician. However you look at it, it isn't good to put...
Why TRUMP is the best for USA.
the stablishment will always throw some "messiah" who they control in order to twist elections in a way that makes you think your vote matters. Bernie is just like Obama, there's almost no differe...
Why TRUMP is the best for USA.
I challenge anyone to debate me with facts, right here, right now. I can destroy the arguments the crappy media has put into your mind.
Why TRUMP is the best for USA.
so is Hillary. the difference is that Trump so far hasnt done a thing to kill innocents. She has, Bernie has. Hillary and Bernie are part of the system, they have been in politics for an entire li...
This is just for people who want to learn something new: Milo Yiannopoulos on TRUMP Trump is by far the best imho, he will destroy PC culture.
Why TRUMP is the best for USA.
everybody who disagrees with you is a nazi? I am latino and I love Trump. fuck off.
Why TRUMP is the best for USA.
PD: About the wall: Mexico has one so Guatemalans cannot travel freely to it. Mexicans are hipocrites if they say shit about the US doing the same.
Sickest lineup you've ever seen?
pretty much
Hitler's Birthday Today
smells like someone's attention whoring.
Hiko Jewish
LG and Thoorin
Thorin is probably the most knowledgeable about history but his awareness about strats and teamplay is not on point. Lurppis is by far the best analyst out there, years of top competitive play leading...