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ZywOo or S1mple Poll
well, overall yeah. But between these two there's one that has much more impact than the other. Both are amazing individual players though
ZywOo or S1mple Poll
People who have played CS for more than a couple years know who the superior player is. It is not up to debate really
Most toxic cs:go pros
1. Old s1mple 999. New s1mple, the kid has changed a lot
+1 cherish what you are, don't let the marxists take over
Diversity is only an issue on european countries. Everywhere else people just don't give a damn. When something is "diverse enough" it means the only white person on the group is prolly an LGBT membe...
Thorin lmao xD
TBH signing lots of up and coming players and screwing other orgs is pretty crappy. They fckd a danish team from joining Funplus Phoenix Astralis is definitely not a very professional org
what to do with $15000
Buy a car or a motorcycle. Don't spend it on things you don't REALLY need
hahahah, dude twitch is full of SJWs. It is almost a camgirl site now. Those girls don't get banned for showing porn and tits yet gamers get banned for opening an animal sex video
Yeah I believe the challenge on LAN comes from the pressure of the crowd, the noise and the high stakes. We will see who is who once the pandemic ends
Honestly all FaZe players are very fucking inconsistent. Even coldzera and NiKo can go unnoticed for entire halfs. We are on the Online CS Era though, we don't know if Bymas can be as good on LAN.