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Top 20 players 2018: 5th
nahtE not in top 20
big events 2018: valde 65 maps (1691 rounds) nahtE 71 maps (1886 rounds) autimatic 89 maps (2396 rounds) Krimz 94 maps (2481 rounds) everybody else has 140+ maps in top20
nahtE not in top 20
makes no sense for me either, I had nahtE as 19th in my top20 list :D he had better stats and consistency than valde
Electronic #6
if you count NAF's two tier99 mvps then good luck bro individual achievements electronic > NAF dupreeh > both being picked both times as 9th and once as 7th evp (so barely getting them at all) shou...
nahtE not in top 20
nahtE hasn't played at any major, that's the reason all top20 players played at least 3 maps at a major in 2018
Electronic #6
read the top20 articles and you will see that "almost" getting an mvp and being 9th in evp pick order does make a difference. It's actually the reason why Magisk is just 7th
Electronic #6
electronics evps have more value though with 2.43 average pick (four times as first evp, including the major) NAF's average is 4.22 (three times as first evp, 9th at major) dupreeh's average is 3.38 (...
Top 20 players 2018: 6th
Average evp pick order (the first one is major evp) electronic: 2.43 (1-4-4-1-1-5-1) NAF: 4.22 (9-7-1-9-1-3-4-1-3) dupreeh: 3.38 (3-6-5-4-3-4-1-1) Magisk: 4.44 (4-6-2-6-5-5-5-2-5) HLTV does different...
100% Last top 6 Ranking
electronic's evps have more value, his average evp pick order is 2.43 (1-4-4-1-1-5-1) while Magisk's is 4.44 (4-6-2-6-5-5-2-5) electronic was picked four times as first evp, Magisk zero.
+1 you smart
Top 20 players 2018: 7th
I know s1mple is top1, you didn't understand my post. Making playoffs is not only a team achievement. It also shows how many times a given player played in the most important matches of the year. For...
Top 20 players 2018: 7th
just for clarification: device has 1 major mvp, 6 big events mvps, 6 big events evps (average evp pick at 3.33) - 13 awards from 17 big events. s1mple has 1 major evp, 5 big events mvps, 3 big events ...
Top 20 players 2018: 7th
where did you get electronic's 1.21 rating? He's at 1.17 for big events in 2018
Top 20 players 2018: 7th
care to elaborate? NAF has 1 major evp (picked as 9th), 8 big events evps (with average pick order at 4.22) and 2 tier99 mvps. NAF played 15 big events (made playoffs 11 times) and had 1 event with n...