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Is God Real?
yeah, be a condescending dick instead of just explaining cunt
How to accept the fact that i’m ugly?
lmao after reading that paragraph I expected a fucking quasimodo and you posted a picture of a normal dude
Pink Floyd
their early work was definitely much more psychedelic, we can thank Barrett for that
Pink Floyd
No worries dude, happens to all of us. Have a good day!
Pink Floyd
no I haven't, should I check them out if I'm a Pink Floyd fan?
Pink Floyd
Well I can agree with that, an idea can't really be experimental forever, especially if it becomes popular and more people start using it. I guess we reached an agreement here, sorry for being harsh ...
Pink Floyd
You're not stupid, you're just using very weird logic. I totally understand what you mean but I just can't agree with it. I would agree with you if you meant that the BAND is not making experimental ...
Ecs finals LMAO
"One of NiP tricked big and M1x will be playing in the finals" Literally what he said. Maybe you should use your brain first before posting nonsense.
Pink Floyd
okay, then show me a band that released an experimental album several dozen years ago which is still experimental tip: you can't do that using your logic there is no such thing as "experimental in t...
Pink Floyd
what the fuck is that logic literally, what the fuck. Using your logic you can say shit like that about every single precursor in every single genre. Of course one is experimental only in the beginni...
Biggest snake in csgo?
Bntet > every polish player
it's actually lgbtqahdkshekwbfkakwhdjcjajwhcjskajcjakrjfiwbnwkvkdken3ifufiwjwjbrjdzxhwknw you homophobe
Mike postle, the pro poker cheater 2019
how did he cheat?