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dreamteam changes
you crazy mens)))
dreamteam changes
I can't really agree about the roles, I think they're pretty well balanced. If you have 4 entry fraggers you can use defender/attacker/stathunter or even tac leader just as well. Boosters I admit man...
dreamteam changes
wtf why, roles and boosters are like half the fun, take it away and you have 0 involvement in the game
thank you Pimp
the only reason he keeps getting hired is the fact that he's like twice cheaper than all the other talents not really surprising considering he brings literally nothing to the table
thank you Pimp
potato in throat LMAO also +1
dreamteam changes
I think it's better than just picking players from one team, it requires a bit more planning. Though I'd probably cap it at 3 per team
dreamteam changes
I didn't like it in the beginning as well but I must admit it makes more sense now that I've played a couple of games. Can't decide if 2 or 3 is better though.
dreamteam changes
I didn't specify I meant the max bonus which was 10 and now is 5
dreamteam changes
especially combined with team points, liked the previous versions much more
matrix 4
if there aren't at least two transgenders in the movie I'll be dissapointed expecting neo to go through a hormone therapy and start a family with morpheus
pop smoke
another junkie found LUL missing your idol already?
pop smoke
that's what I'm talking about but the fucking snowflakes think that death equals respect lmao
seems like every trash rapper instantly becomes a legend when he dies lmao another junkie bites the dust, rejoice people