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USA drones
this might be the absolute dumbest thing ive read on here in a while
kebab vs burger
kfc sells burgers? even as an american i would not eat that
KnG out, but what about FNS?
yes but when go looking for the person you made a death threat to, then find them, and have to be restrained by your own coach becasue you cant control your emotions is, im my particulari opnion is ev...
I'm American AMA
you act like sk is some shit org lmao and immortals is an american org so i dont get your point at all.
I'm American AMA
because rich people have money for good lawyers and poor people dont, pretty simple.
saw GoT in one week
it doesnt go apeshit? dont wanna post spoilers but yea i disagree
saw GoT in one week
it doesnt go apeshit? dont wanna post spoilers but yea i disagree
USA while they SLEEP!
some asshat from another country makes a post about america but we care too much about other countries. superb logic there bud
Swiss ruined Majors
no it didn't. if your team can't beat the best then how can they win the major, bo1 or not. the only "legend" team thats a shock is big, and they went 3-0. if they play groups then you complain about ...
refugees arguments for
not in the real world.
pretty sure you have black people in your country and you colonized a bunch of the continent. but hey dont that get in the way of your bullshit
oh and how has our cock tasted since ww2 since we make pretty much every choice for you
thats fucking strange to say we've only had one black preisdent when you have had exactly ZERO black heads of state (King/PM). but hey fuck america right because we only had one. fuck off limey
Why fox is considered a legend
hes done pretty much nothing
top 5 rappers rn
that video of xxxtentacion getting thrown into the barriers by his security was laugh out loud funny.