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pretty sure dig/tsm/astralis top the leaderboard and faze choking against c9 lmao to tarik and stewie hahaha
USA drone kills 30 people
you jackasses dont realize that they can classify EVERY isis/taliban/insurgent as a civillian because THEY ARE NOT IN AN ORGANIZED ARMY. its almost like its a tactic for them to be around schools/hosp...
America wtf
what taxes? on the welfare they get? they vote democrat because they buy the votes thru welfare. want more welfare money? vote democrat. want lower taxes? vote republican
Amy Schumar
girls are just as funny and creative as men.
Lets discuss Liquid
wardell would be good
Shroud back in pro CS?
might as well just pick up freak and make old c9 at this point
isnt your lord odin
Mibr doens't have a fix
they shouldve never dropped felps tbh
HR 2-0 liquid
liquid looks like theyre playing a mdl team right now
Ropz to C9
if c9 as an org wanted to buy astralis tomorrow they have the money to do so. c9 is one of the richest orgs in western esports. but hey because they have a shit csgo team theyre ofcourse broke and ofc...
another sign for WW3
no i dont think that at all
another sign for WW3
well people werent stuffing voting boxes with papers and blocking cameras with ballons to "count" votes and a canidate didnt win by over 75% but yea putins not evil hes just vilified by western media ...
another sign for WW3
im sure you believe he won the election fair and square as well
going to army
if you can pick your job do it(i was a medic and got EMT cert) if you cant i wouldn't. do you get any benefits when you get out? just do your research and if you are smart enough you could have any jo...
Cloud 9 if stew leaves?
sk is so desperate they grasping at literally any good player. if stew leaves to sk ill be beyond disappointed in him and honestly i wont be a fan anymore. glad auti said no