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Sweden > CIS
Gaming : China = Korea > Sweden > USA > France > Germany > Russia > any other
Sweden > CIS
In dota2 Chinese > Sweden, Alliance won i3, but iG won i2 and most of other main tournaments won Asian teams... next international will win someone other. SC2 Chinese and Korea players best in world b...
Sweden > CIS
CoD USA and Australia, BF3 dont know.
fnatic'ly bad maturity
What u said atm? HAHAHHA over 10 in my life, btw where u was? Nobody saw you on Bosnian tournament, i didn't saw you on Serbian tournaments.
fnatic'ly bad maturity
What moddi want? Maybe he will win some lan tournament for one year or smth like that.
Lemondogs vs Refuse
Nope second, its 3rd, they was back in 1.6 in Dreamhack Bucurest too.
VeryGames vs Refuse
Better? Refuse - CPH 5-16? What u speaking... better shut up when u haven't anything good to say.
VeryGames vs Refuse
VeryGamers in top2 team @ world, what u expected.
VeryGames vs Refuse
They played 1.6, and we have in this time over 20 teams in CS:GO.
VeryGames vs Refuse
Are u crazy? This guys together have over 100 lans inside Serbia
Fnatic top1
jw onliner!
Lemondogs vs 3DMAX
3DMAX as strong organisation pick noobs, last 5 games, one draw and 4 loses. wtf, i think that they never pass groupstage on lan or maybe only one time...
Montenegro vs Croatia
I clearly played again you and with you. But okay, anyway gl to you, i hope that i wrong, and where is gravity? This guy was amazing, just ask :D
Montenegro vs Croatia
Enemy : Montenegro, you're sick. Wait for next round.
Montenegro vs Croatia
Hm, a mozda i imam?