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Forum posts
Another lucky win by Astralis LUL
If they were lucky consistently top 4 in tournaments , I'd hate to see what happens when someone uses your definition of "skill" ;). Guess they'd have to be like NiP and win every tournament for 2 yea...
Unbeatable cs 1.6 team?
Your team was fine but replace delpan with cArn. Can't have a legendary team without a legendary IGL, if it wasn't for cArn legends like GTR or f0rest might not have achieved all the things they have ...
Rickeh joins CLG
Was talking about the wall of text spam that people were making, as you should have noticed before they were deleted considering you replied to the first one.
Rickeh joins CLG
Sigh, children.
1.6 Players you miss
It must be f0rest the lumberjack :) (cause of the beard)
mTw in 2008 was what really started me in eSports actually :), was too bad the lineup split.
Everyone has their opinion and perspective, you have the right to it. Though that statement that I quoted (regardless of intention) was unfair to the players who have given it their all for years, Dan...
"Danes have never been good at CS", you clearly did not watch CS the past one and half decade.
Danes booed
lol, TaZ blinding made me lose it. I actually have a lot of respect for TaZ and VP but being known as the grandpa of CS at only the age of 29 (might be 30 now not sure) just always seemed wrong to me ...
Danes booed
Pashabiceps 2 stronk
Danes booed
Meh, sounds like sports talk to me (it happens in every sport, regardless whether you consider "esports" an actual sport). Nothing to get aggressive about. It's not like they said they will beat each ...
Danes booed
Honestly I don't follow twitter much anymore, was it something before or during the event? I believe I remember something that TaZ replied to, probably referring to that?
Danes booed
Not sure what Astralis had to do with VP getting beaten though lol
North beat C9; Heroic stun Na`Vi
We spend too much time in Ikea eating them Swedish meatballs!
North beat C9; Heroic stun Na`Vi
Oh wow, Danish teams being quite impressive this tournament. Looks like all three teams found their sweet spot of what they wish to accomplish with their lineup. Group B definitely full of surprise...