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News writer for ESEA October 1st 2013 - January 24th 2014

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According to this thread people believe I am the nicest admin on HLTV so big thanks to all of you for the support :)

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i defend kNg
I never stated anything about kNg being kicked or that twitter is the same as doing something illegal, I'm just stating that Football isn't as big of a "free for all" as you made it seem, that players...
i defend kNg
To be fair the dynamic is a bit different. I'm not going to pretend I watch football these past 10 years but in the past I remember players being punished by the competition not the teams themselves. ...
Your st*am profile
Your st*am profile I uh, definitely should put more hours into CSGO >.>
Best AWPers in your country
Quite a few capable in Astralis, North, and Heroic other than the main AWPers. The one player seemingly fully dedicated to it would probably be JUGI (device is an all-round player), with a bit more ex...
Swedes come here
lol I guess entrepreneurship is genetic. With immigration going up and Danish population going down, maybe in 50 years we'll be the next Dubai *puts on shades*. Well.. we hope.
Swedes come here
That's all right sweet child, when you grow older and find something better to do in your days you will understand. For now, enjoy yourself :)
Swedes come here
Considering I rarely come on the site anymore, left HLTV to start my own company, and I got married and just recently built a villa in the mountains. That comment just comes off as amusing :). I see r...
LMAO Denmark
Thanks ^^ That's nice to hear. Yeah I had a lot of dedication to keep the site clean, guess not much has changed eh? I went on to work for Fnatic for a few years before eventually starting up my own c...
LMAO Denmark
Yes, I'm surprised people still remember me :). I'm just passing by seeing what's up in the world of HLTV.
LMAO Denmark
Yeah that is because the legal age for Denmark is lower than most places, the law decided that by that age they are considered adult enough to be consensual and make their own decisions. So it's not i...
Swedes come here
Sometimes I wonder if you guys actively search for these kind of articles to create heat on these forums and tension between people to satisfy your own agendas ;)
LMAO Denmark
The result of freedom of choice leads to people more open to sexuality (or homosexuality), even through the ages after puberty. According to the description it's about a boy after reaching his puberty...
BALLISTIX muslim players
They aren't, now move on to something better to do in your morning.
first kiss
Best part of that story was the "KAPOWWWWWWWW" :') Was a good laugh