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To be fair, it was an attempt to innovate which puts them in a tough position considering how easily innovation can drastically change an esport. They took a massive jump with the molotov which eventu...
Feels like looking at a map on Plague Inc
What u get for Christmas?
Haha yeah, they have them all over the place here. I even found it in a Toy store called BR here while shopping for my 4 year old nephew, where they had Astralis towels, blankets etc. I found it hilar...
What u get for Christmas?
Indeed, definitely always cheered for Danish teams since the old mTw back in 2008 and it's my first apparel of a Danish team so will enjoy using it :)
What u get for Christmas?
My family knew I watch a lot of CS:GO and being Danish they just went to what's considered the most CS:GO related thing they can find in Denmark lol
Astralis highlights
Pretty good, enjoyed the music ;)
Not speaking english.
It has been deleted, but yes you're welcome to report comments that you see are breaking the rules :). Though please use the report feature rather than a thread. Thanks!
i7 4790k so bad
Yeah there's a difference between having FPS gradually go down due to scenarios in the game and the game absolutely freezing for a split second. In the past I found microstutters to be mostly related ...
i7 4790k so bad
Ah CS:GO is a weird beast overall. As it happens I have the same microstutter in CS:GO while I play on Ultra in every other game without issues. For reference I have an i7 8700k overclocked to 4.9 GHz...
Hltv banned in school
That's interesting, I did surprisingly but it required permission to use since it was dial up and you only went in there to do some quick research and get out. By 2007 when I was in university everyon...
Swedes and Danes come
I imagine if the Vikings stuck together and formed one country to this day, esports would have been quite different the past few decades, especially CS. Quite scary to think about :)
Last thing you googled on your PC?!?!?
Realizing it was a mistake trying Edge
4:3 question
You could change it yes, a lot of posts out there on how. I'd still not change anything though honestly it'll mess you up in the future. It shouldn't take too long to adapt believe me, less than a wee...
Cl_righthand 0 or 1
There's been research that it depends on which eye is dominant but if I honestly suggest you go with what you're used to and comfortable, especially if you've gone years playing under the same setting...