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NOT AN ENCE FAN Keep it to one thread please
Last thing you googled on your PC?!?!?
Realizing it was a mistake trying Edge
4:3 question
You could change it yes, a lot of posts out there on how. I'd still not change anything though honestly it'll mess you up in the future. It shouldn't take too long to adapt believe me, less than a wee...
Cl_righthand 0 or 1
There's been research that it depends on which eye is dominant but if I honestly suggest you go with what you're used to and comfortable, especially if you've gone years playing under the same setting...
4:3 question
If you don't like the stretched feeling but want it to feel close to the native resolutions can always try black bars.
4:3 question
There are a few reasons out there you could research on Google on why it feels different on 4:3 especially if stretched, but generally speaking all the resolutions can be adapted to and it's very much...
Where is TricoN ?
*stares curiously* :)
Merry X-mas!
Merry Christmas :)
Virtus Pro movie
Well done, was entertaining to watch :)
mTw 2008 was what really brought me into competitive CS :) Another team that was (mostly) Danish was Fnatic in the final days of 1.6, not sure if it counts as much but it was the last Danish team to ...
Xyp9x must read!
Not that I want to encourage the call for attention in the title, and forgive me if I'm wrong, but I'm quite sure they've gone on to win the tournament after that "tweet". Also Xyp was never one that ...
Famas over m4??
Don't think so, I'm in by no means new. I stopped being an admin back in 2015 I just have the title :)
Famas over m4??
Honestly, I've known quite a few people who preferred famas over m4 back in 1.6, was fairly common actually. Those same players would not do the same for CS:GO though. For me I wouldn't buy the famas ...
recorded video for GF
When I was still around there was a myth that he's some sort of cyborg, always working, seemingly never sleeps, and never heard him speak :P. Even then, I highly doubt it's one person doing all the wo...
recorded video for GF
Don't worry about it ;). I was an active moderator between 2012-2015 before moving on which is the reason why you'd rarely see me around :). I do pop in from time to time, gotta update myself on the n...