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Katowice a bit ugly??
Katowice is biggest Polish tourist attraction together with entire Silesia region, fresh air, not many people, beautiful architecture
RIP Major Viewership
its true I prefer events in NA except for DOTA cause then TI ends at around 7AM
VP lul
to be honest I never liked Michu I always thought he is all aim and no brain
Zywoo haters come here
Liquid vs Ghost
Will be Polish player in top 20?
only elige
Im a sad polish fan
I have got into pro CS in 2008 if you haven't seen Neo jumping from ladder to ladder as markeloff tries to snipe him you don't understand what's it like to have orgasm while watching Twitch
the only city I like is cs_italy
TOP 3 Less likeable Pros
every single pro who goes to the first LAN in months, does pretty good there cause nobody can antistrat against them cause nobody knows their team yet, so he makes a big interview where he says 'this ...
polish ppl come here
polish ppl come here
when a bird enters Silesia, with one wing it covers it's beak and with the other it starts turning around
polish ppl come here
it's Katowice, you'r gonna die of the air pollution before you manage to do any of those things enjoy
[*] Fifflaren
dota player
[*] Fifflaren
first Loda, now Fifflaren, in 20 years every Swedish esports pro is gonna look like EternalEnvy