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EURONICS vs Tricked
I am in now! Tune in if you want an English cast :-)
EURONICS vs Tricked
Wrong gotv link - how do I get the right one?
EURONICS vs Tricked
Casting this in English over at
Fragsters vs SnakeS
Casting this match over @
AliGon vs roughtimes
Casting this over at
denmark best squad?
I feel that you guys are heavily underestimating Xyp9x's impact. He is the type of player you need on a team for everything to come together. He is a worldclass support player, but he also has a great...
what car are you driving?
Renault Captur
MiniMoe talks life with Dazed
Am I the only one who thinks that MiniMoe is super well articulated for an 11 year old?
Iceland vs Lithuania
It is a scandinavian country though :-D
College in USA
I am pretty sure that soccer is quite big nowadays in USA, and most colleges actually offer scholarships for it.
College in USA
The problem is that they don't seem to offer any kind of help for someone who wants to apply for a sportscholarship.
College in USA
That's some great advice. In Denmark there is a wide variety of different university educations, and I will without doubt have to study something, that I can "bring" home if need be, so that I can con...
College in USA
Hey, thanks for the reply. The thing is that I play football (soccer) on a high level, and it would be great to combine that with my education, since that isn't as easy in Denmark as in USA. Hin...
College in USA
Wow that sounds awesome, best of luck!
Universities in Germany
Since you seem to know a lot on this area, I would like to have some help myself.