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Vitality vs North
Close game and mixed feelings I like both teams but kinda cheering more for vitality
How much sleep do we really need?
If you wanna talk about healthy sleep so you should sleep between 6 to 10 hours, the rest it's a matter of experience what your body accepts better. Some people 6 hours it's the point and if they slee...
Jon snow is dead?
If you shave the beard of all men they will look younger
Jon snow is dead?
If you take a closer look in the teaser you can see that in his statue he looks older, not the case of Sansa and Arya btw
This girl I like
When she asks you what do you want to eat just say 'let's be real, if was not for you I wouldn't eat here so where can I take you to lunch?'
Girl asked me to be her BF today
Just say to her that you only date someone after knowing if sex is good or not, and she will say that you already had sex and then you say I know but I don't remember that much and you sex her again a...
worst injury ever happend to you?
It wasn't an injury it was genetic, doctors here in Portugal call it growth disease, I was always the smallest one of my class and when I hit puberty I grew up a lot and my knees bones couldn't keep u...
your breakfast
I don't eat the same everyday I swap between: Milk without lactose and nestum + 1 and a half scoop of gainer Milk without lactose and oats + gainer Protein pancakes + natural orange juice + gainer C...
again hardstyle? xD
You need to update the site
SON is Fortnite player
List him to adoption
Vitality vs AVANGAR
zywo in an outstanding shape, I can see this guy taking the next step in early next year
Old orgs you miss
TSM, mtw, meet your makers, lions, moscow 5, frag executors,
By the way SpawN deserves to be mentioned here in this topic, he was pretty sick and had the weight of the belt of best player long time. But yes, I pick f0rest aswell God in 1.6 and still kicking kid...
im 34 and my gf is 14
Lol. Let her keep playing with her dolls and you keep it in your pants
Girl help
Dump her mate. And when you be 18 you will regret it because she will be hot af and not looking at you anymore