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True. The improvement shows up
NIP ranking prediction
The problem is that they do an outstanding game and in the next one look like they aren't even there. Consistency problems. Hope it's not the case this time.
join me bro! im still lvl 3 cause i barely play, but when i do i play like a 2501 elo player. trust me
rez always shines in overpass
If you have 20 euros right now
[19+] What would you do?
I would say something like 'Just because they are your own blood doesn't mean it's your family, because your family shouldn't hold you back, a true family support each other, 'families' everyday give ...
Remember when you were young???????????
I remember my childhood and I remember things when I wasn't born yet like going in a picnic with my dad and coming home with my mom
Your worst failure
What was yours?
Your worst failure
I signed for police tryouts with my friend we both went through written tests, my friend failed the physics ones, I did pass it, I did pass the doctor exams, the psicologic exams and screw up the last...
[POLL] Did G2 really forget about the bomb?
R8 pick'em
Well, vitality 3-0 it's pretty obvious since they are top 2 rn. The French teams a friend of mine talked about it 2 days ago if he watched him idk :)
R8 pick'em
Both started in challengers stage?
R8 pick'em
Actually I didn't, why?
R8 pick'em
In major history never 2 French teams went forward, hope it's not the case this time, I like both. And I would put 3-0 vitality