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Actually, Portugal has the highest high school graduation rate so...
Most beautiful girl ever
Nina Dobrev - Freida Pinto -
If they improved a bit the recoil system and changed those maps full of pointless details and camping spots it could become a nice game
TOP 10 GLOCK Frags
Mouz| Blizzard 0.15
lost her :c
Dude, even though you have not that much feelings for her right now, you will always feel bad and feeling like you want her back if you see her dating another guy. That happens to everybody and you c...
what are u listen when u play DM?
Old school hip hop
It's really sad to see that nowadays we can't find "real" rappers anymore. Rip 2pac and biggie, true legends
Your Cellphone & Ringtone
Blackberry Curve 8520 Notorious BIG - Big Poppa
bind "UPARROW" "hegren" bind "LEFTARROW" "flash" bind "RIGHTARROW" "sgren" bind "DOWNARROW" "defuser" bind "*" "hegren; flash; flash; sgren"
Do you now how much does it cost?
which country has most Awesome girls?
From what i've seen i think that in Sweden you'll find pretty blonds with a nice thin body but if you go to some South-American countries like Brasil and Venezuela you'll find hot girls with some real...
top8 list cs 1.6 countries
But with the conditions that USA teams have their results should be way better. For example, i remember reading about UMX, an american team that was gaven a really cool house to practise and a lot of ...
patrik f0rest lindberg skgaming 2k11
Nice movie and love the music :) Honestly doesn't like the font...
Rounds of the Year
Ak - Usp -
Film's suggestion
Some nice comedy movies: - All "American Pie" - Road Trip Beer Pong - Euro Trip - Horrible Bosses - Soul Plane (with Snoop Dogg, great movie ahah) - The Hangover - How High