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I'm muslim roast me
every faith discovered of people is nonsence like a little Dick Alláh
TSM vs Luminosity
i dont want to imagine it.I would really wish to see to stay them on winners podium
TSM vs Luminosity
it is the best match what i´ve ever seen. it´s just my opinion. i´ll be to hold thumbs luminosity. it could be first won event for them. excuse my english i am jusr amateur.
oscar is cheating
he defeated verygames at lan in Prague. He played together with guardian in team. what is for japan opinion. Question calls. is there a japan player who can be compare with him ?
in my opinion are all religions bad because every people must have own way of life and own opinion. If every people will listen someone with good or bad opinions so this will be a cult. I want to have...
#9 No to kill them all and it is much easier and it will be rest forever.
I dont like islamistic people. I dont want them in my country. I will do anything for it. If I have these idiots in my neighbourhood I will do them hell from live. I swear.
They are fanatics. it is only one possibility. Every european state must forbid islamism and if it is mot enough. We have to oust from Europe. If they attack us we have to kill them all with no mercy....
Temperature in your country atm
In Moscow is +35 is it a true or joke ?
Temperature in your country atm
I am from Czech republic, there is 24 Celsius in the shadow and sunny with several clouds. Ideal time for Czech beer or wine and big Joint and after that just dreaming... :D
Left handed who try to switch need "advice".
sry for english I am not as good as most of the people here :D
Left handed who try to switch need "advice".
If you feel that the left hand is better play with it. I have used only left hand since from time immemorial and I dont see any reason change it. On a Keyboard I have used the numerals buttons 1left 2...
f0rest 16:9 again?
I have 200 Hz CRT dell :D 4:3 12xx something
Na`Vi new top 1
each team which will be winner will be number one ? ... stupid topic
New NiP
Team chemistry is important part of each team.