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zet analyst?
He's doing fine. It is his first time, and he is still playing at a high level. He also got alot of experience from going to lans, and gives his insight on how that can affect players. I agree on the ...
HellRaisers vs Property
I prefer a reschedule.
HellRaisers vs Property
Well done Room on Fire! Way to let fans down with such a dissapointing ending on the game. CSGO has a long way to go with how they handle shit like this.
The Fifflaren Question
And my text about GTR was just an example. Time spent on analyzing Fifflaren could be spent on analyzing players we EXPECT to do good on the fragging part. Instead we hear about Fifflaren. That cou...
The Fifflaren Question
Clinching a win in a tournament could also be seen as a proof that the teams in the tournament were all at a similar skill level. It could also mean that they, as you said could have gone out early in...
The Fifflaren Question
I understand that your sticking up to your buddy lurppis, but first of all IT IS NOT criticism as much as it is flaming and thrashtalking that comes from Lurppis tweets. His analysis may indeed be goo...
Richard comments on NaVis situation at CPH.
This must be a trollbait, you can't be this stupid... Check interviews, read articles and even more ask players that was on the scene, that is what I have done. Now excuse me as I will leave this t...
Richard comments on NaVis situation at CPH.
Yea I guess if a random guy on a forum says something is true, it is.
Richard comments on NaVis situation at CPH.
That's a big piece of shit right there. They WERE NOT on time. That's why some people finds it hard to sympathize with them.
Richard comments on NaVis situation at CPH.
Your reading comprehension is as bad as your so-called "facts" I wrote "PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE ELSE", way to take a sentence out of context. Yea since the rules clearly said that Na'Vi should have...
Richard comments on NaVis situation at CPH.
Yea say that to all proffessionals in other sports. Your enitre post is utterly useless. I AM thinking about it. But let me put it this way. We have two stories about the same incident. One which N...
Richard comments on NaVis situation at CPH.
Why would anyone cheat? To win obviously, just think about it for a second. What you believe is of no interest. You are a noname in e-sports, and obviously a fan of the team in question. What does ...
Richard comments on NaVis situation at CPH.
Not unexpected Na'Vi is being disrespectful in a tournament. They have been pulling this kind of shit for years, ghosting, kicking computers, showing up late etc. Always alot of controversial actions ...
IGC - ALIVE!!!!!
Atleast they covered up the chairs.
ESC Changes?
Lol my3m you act like a butthurt kid.