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Canelo vs saunders
how long till start?
in 1.6 carried by markelof, did nothing himself in early cs;go carried by guardian obviously in gambit just got lucky, late career carried by s1mple dude just had 10 years of being lucky, very so...
R. Lewis DESTROYS C9, CSGO & Fans
I agree it was a dogshit move to rebuild in the first place. But its just as dumb to stay based on sunk cost fallacy, waiting in hopes that this team will become 2 times better, and NA scene will som...
R. Lewis DESTROYS C9, CSGO & Fans
how is he destroying anyone? c9 made a smart move to get the fuck out of cs and not waste any more money
Natus Vincere vs MIBR
this is just sad to watch
most dominant era
its 3 months with no majors and half of the events being t2 vs 1 year of dominance and 2 majors
most dominant era
obviously first astralis era, that fnatic didnt even have an era, barely won 6 events in close games and gone to shit after
dycha pronunciation
how about boombla?
dycha pronunciation
i just pronounce it dacha
Ethan lol
i didnt say in danger, i said make life more comfortable - be in a growing new game that might explode in the future - earn more, for less effort - live in NA instead of eu gaminghouse if you enj...
Ethan lol
history will forget about everyone, its just a fucking computer game, if you have a choice of improving your living conditions, or a small chance to have some legacy in 10 year old dying game, its...
Ethan lol
nothing wrong/pathetic about that
SPUNJ wants to put respect on the online era
would definitely be the case, but i think that's very unlikely to happen maybe with a team of rookies that never went to a lan before, and out of 3 cis team most questionable on lan would be gambit
SPUNJ wants to put respect on the online era
heroic was still a few tournament fluke, if a team wins everything online for like 6 months they are legit