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against the rain
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Need Global Elite ACcount
How much ?
Why do people complain about Nuke?
Overpass is a map which has not been played enough to strike out the balance it inherently possesses. Yes, it is predominantly CT-sided but we have matches where T-sides can also look ridiculously str...
AWP nerf appreciation thread
I don't particularly like the changes. I like to have the awp vs awp duel when i am playing because i pre-aim spots, so life is harder now. This change would have made more sense if the on-air movemen...
How many fps i'm supposed to have with this PC?
Intel core2duo E6750 2.66 Ghz 4 GB ram Nvidia gt 430 2 GB .. FPS ??
sick wallebang
its not that standard from where he was standing !!
Ramadan Kareem.
Ramadan Mubarak to everyone ... and trolling here is useless , we are too happy at the moment to start net wars on this :D
How to be more happy..
Find activities that give you pleasure and they don't involve much human interactions for e.g book reading , join a gym (you'll meet people there but you won't be obliged to be friends) , watch tv sho...
boys in bars
"Hey , who's aug is this ?"
allu 4 pakistan
stupid :S
Muslims should stop apologizing for 9/11 - CNN Belief Blog -
You don't realize the simple fact that 9/11 was an inside job . No one believed it , even Muslims thought it was done by Al Qaeda , but AMERICANS themselves released documentaries giving sufficient pr...
Muslims should stop apologizing for 9/11 - CNN Belief Blog -
READ ?? i've been to the middle east , and bro they're living a lavish life style ... the middle class that is ... ofcourse they're always some uneducated people who work odd-jobs here and there who h...
favourite pizza ?
Supreme ... lots of onions , mushrooms , different types of meat !!! OMG IM SO HUNGRY !!!
Potti, ahl and fisker BACK !!!
Favorite Quotes
[BOLD]Donot hesitate to cry in the rain , but never show that you are trying to mask it with the rain drops on your cheeks Because the only person who is worse than a crying man , is a person who hid...
Potti, ahl and fisker BACK !!!
how thick can u be ?? :X they're just attending a local tournament doofus ... it doesn't mean they're returning ... and i'd rather see them as retired with their status rather than being humiliated by...