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try something new, instead of doing bodybuilding, go for powerlifting
Universidade de Lisboa [PT pls]
which faculty you going to bruh? the one for sciences and technology is not in the center of lisbon. the one in economics is.
Universidade de Lisboa [PT pls]
no, we love the love that people have for us, so if you say that you love portugal or try to speak some portuguese, people will be really friendly to you. plus, our economy is based on tourism, so as ...
Universidade de Lisboa [PT pls]
i guess you going to Caparica, so its really close to the beach. not so warm in january or february, but last week we had like 4 days with 22ºC+. but yeah, we don't have negative temperatures. marlbor...
Universidade de Lisboa [PT pls]
its sunny and warm bruh
leave the EU? haven't we all learned something about leaving the EU this past month?
FTW.PRO vs BulletsRage.Pro
so, rmn and mut left OG or is bulletrage just a mix team? anyway, playing with fox's brother isn't as good as playing with fox himself
Portugal AMA
i'm not saying you are wrong or anything, but sometimes the media tends to over exaggerate and all that shit. i'm studying economics so i have been looking and researching for portugal's stats evoluti...
Portugal AMA
Portugal AMA
that's true, but you gotta take in consideration that along the bad management, the financial crisis in 2007 fucked us big time too. it's not like it's all about our government sucking dick. hey, it'...
Portugal AMA
sources? just look for the evolution of the gini coefficient or lorenz curve evolution for portugal in the last years. it is not as bad as you said.
Portugal vs Denmark
overgaming and alientech are playing some qualifier, so they can't play with the same line-up
kinguin SHOX
bad troll
TITAN may disband !!!
he just dropped off his irl things to go full time pro
Shox new hiko
lumonasity. lel