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So I ordered a Virtus Pro Shirt and Mug last week...
good one :D
"Shit already hit the fan yesterday ..." nix0n's style :D you don't see it now on hltv
New matchmaking system
Just go with Prime every time I also have a question, is that only me, when I start queuing and then abort it, MM search kinda punishes me and shows there's no MM connection available, status "Connec...
esea anti cheat
there're no cheaters in rank D-
Rotschild = Arabs
truth hurts :) 70% of Russia is at least quarter Asian or Chechen
Its not Ukraine
Dmytro, you are dangerously brainwashed. OFC it's not the same grade as the most of the putin dolls, but still. If you wanna grow mentally, you should realize there is no "nations" barrier There're g...
JW wallhacking against VP-
the only thing keeping current VP roster on a contract is their fanbase and the amount of braindead VP fans is over 9000 as I can see P O L A K S
most people would like not to know... so even if someone spreads truth they tend to forget it immedly
you have a cancer brain
s1mple ( HONEST ONLY )
yes, stupid that is why he is a CSGO pro, one of the best all-round players in the world
best deagle aim crosshair
gap -1 aim by a lower reticule - insta HS
best xiaomi
Every 4X user is pleased admitting how good it is including me :> 120 EUR is nothing and you aren't going to die from an hearth attack when it's accidentally dropped on the floor
Titan eSports and Verygames
pm me for nude pics of miss Titan ;)
Italians... No honor since IV century BC
Rahim "Babam" Abdullaev?
he's pretty popular among RU speaking audience, streaming CSGO as well as other games