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8k$ on ENCE 2-0
Stay strong mate
Copenhagen Flames vs MIBR
flamie insane at majors
TOP6 of all time, behind cold, s1mple. device, snax & flusha Top1 player on dust2 together with s1mple
BIG and losing against great odds
Didn't think you'd go low enough to call me names... Now I will make sure the aforementioned matches will be at the ESL ambassadors email by tomorrow
BIG and losing against great odds
Kek bro I can clearly see it's a sensitive topic for you Once again, if they are clean, you don't have to worry about it
BIG and losing against great odds
match fixers don't deserve to be on a proscene, and I am going for the truth. If BIG is clean you have nothing to worry about xD
BIG and losing against great odds
Who are you talking about, Asia? Your whole scene is corrupt and fixed
BIG and losing against great odds
Read op, you can win more than a Tournament has to offer for the 1st place, in just one game. Especially in a situation like that vs NiP, or any other match that I have listed, all played by the same...
Michau appreciation - gofundme
This guy has a job and everyone is donating him still. I lost my job to coronavirus (like many travel agents), living off my savings rn while expecting baby twins from my GF in 3 months. Things have n...
BIG and losing against great odds
Well played, still I doubt you can see the odds shift if the bet is relatively small and put in on multiple Bc sites
BIG and losing against great odds
You don't need to win tournaments when you can get more money playing lesser games but with a fixed result I do not insist on that as a fact. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am right. Maybe half(or all) the...
BIG and losing against great odds
Have you actually seen the match IBP lost? It's like the most obvious throw in game one could possibly imagine,losing 16-1 to the Net Code Guides, a farm team owned by DaZed, who was playing for IBP(!...