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Worst awpers?
nitr0 was forced to awp after jdm left, and he was really shaky at first Have to admit, he did step up his game lately
Worst awpers?
arT nitr0 msl
chesschamp 2000 elo celebration
what's your chesscom ID, I will add you for the game
Stanis was a fluke, bring DAPS back
+1337 Surprised hardly anyone recalls the rise and fall of all previous stanislaw' rosters OpTic Liquid Complexity And the issue is not only his Igl abilities, but also his personality. Not going...
Stanis was a fluke, bring DAPS back
Your way of thinking is obviously flaved. If it's all about preparation and anti stratting then why Astralis is on top for so long?
AK Black Laminate Cosplay
Keep on rocking in the free world ! :)
AK Black Laminate Cosplay wanna black lam buy a black lam ;)
AK Black Laminate Cosplay
BR fakeflagger detected
Unboxing knives
Unboxed Butterfly Knife Vanilla when i made mini opening of 8 different cases I've got as first drops. It was 300$ back then, so I traded it for M9 and Bayonet, both Vanillas . Lost one knife to bet...
i r8 your username
yes ples
you know, self-defense is good but sometimes you gotta accept the truth ;>
Rate s1mple jokes
It may be a Bob Monkhouse' quote but the joke itself is older than a Roman Empire... And I get your point now, but Amy Sumer is a dead meme. Irrelevant unless you're a big fan ;)
Rate s1mple jokes
It's a "Joker" reference pls don"t bring this irrelevant dog to the conversation
rate trans girl
expected from Poland take worst features from countries that owned you
FalleN has never been a star