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Spirit vs Gux & Friends
i swear i will not bet on these assholes ever again. 200 dollar on GUX + 200 dollar on under 26.5, Fucking asssholes
FlipSid3 vs Space Soldiers
hahahhaha cry more :D
FlipSid3 vs Space Soldiers
who is stupid now? retard? hahahahahhahaahha SWAYED XD thanks man ur retarded analyses helped me rage bet on Flipsid3. Thank for 140 dolllar in items of dota 2. Also, put that racism in ur rectum
FlipSid3 vs Space Soldiers
are u a retard or something fake flagger? Flipside is at no 6 and have one loss only
FlipSid3 vs Space Soldiers
Some idiots telling here that flipside is no 17 on the table and cant qualify. Retards flipside is at no 6 and have only one loss out of 7 matches whilst SS have already qualified. SS have played agai... vs FaZe
so what now? vs FaZe
A legit throw by Fucking Vp . Cunts
-GTR +Flusha
would never happen
Gambit vs
fucking asshole throwing every game. Fucking bastards. Nice they throw zeus out fucking pigs.
Renegades vs
byali killed azr with ak47 byali killed yam with ak47 byali killed Rickeh with ak47 (headshot) byali killed jks with ak47 (headshot) byali killed USTILO with ak47 (headshot) byali killed azr with...
Envy vs ?
Envy fan gays and girls just went underground because karrigan police is here.
dreamteam lineup
Where is onliner Joelz. Top fail
Liquid vs Dogmen
Allu spitting fire. Cold fire.
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
Fnatic all the way to 2-3 navi
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
Poor faggotnatic fans