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If u had to choose a girl
I'm only 185 so definitely 150..
And maybe don't look at him when you are new to the game you have to understand sound cues and an understanding where the enemies might be before you look at him :)
No that is JW you are talking about... Flusha is making so much calculation while he is playing and you can see it.
I have always loved flushas playstyle. If you want to learn how to play CS look at flusha.
Khabib scared
Haha.. Khabib is the best pound-for-pund UFC ever had IMO. Only close is Jones but he's stupid.
Nordic people come
It depends on what you wanna do. I have been to all of them and I would say they are equal.
One of these I do not think is wrong and I will not tell wich.
Your favorite songs from these rappers
Dno - The notorious BIG maad city - kendrick lamar Role model - eminem Dno - 2pac NY state of minde - nas Feelin it - JAY-Z Cant name one - J. cole Serial killa - snoop dogg Cant name one - logic Dn...
Kreig is too overpowered and bad for CS in general. Anyone that says "stop crying" or that we just have to adapt is either trolling or just plain stupid. SG should be the price of AWP in its current s...
buid your dream roster
Flusha s1mple niko magisk f0rest
Bored at Work
My question was not if you think there is a "you" that is doing something differently as the theory says because there is infinite amount of universes in a parallel universe. But if there is infinite...
Bored at Work
I think u missunderstood my question.
Bored at Work
Do you believe that there is a you that are doing the exact same thing? Have not heard anyone speak about that only that there is a "you" that does something defferently.
Bored at Work
Do you believe in parallel universes?