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I r8 b8
Xizt is one of the most skillful IGL's, he is just unlucky right now. Give him some more time and fnatic will be top 5.
*Best player by country*
flusha>krimz>rez>f0rest>xizt then we could speak about brollan.
low sens = more skill??
I play at 1500dpi with 0.5 ingame sense. I always want to turn about 200° when I do one swipe on my mid/large sized pad. Different sensitivity does give you edges in different situations in the game...
get right
This topic is the most cringeworthy I have ever seen. Why so mad?
YOUR TOP 3 fav CS(GO) players
1-2. F0rest and flusha f0rest is fun because of his aggressive style where he never dodges a duel. flusha is the opposite and is very smart with his dodgy plays. 3. s1mple
It was after he tried out as a IGL. We have seen this with other players aswell.
[18+] Homophobia on HLTV
I think it's disgusting. But I also do not care and think it should be legal as long as they do not show it in public or do any propaganda.
2000 hours
lol I have 1.4k hrs and reached the same as you :) But good job!
1. redman 2. 50 cent 3. jay z 4. guru 5. scarface, nas, dmx, mos def or big L
Poland best team in ROG ever
Is Valve a good developer for CS:GO?
I think they should have more people working on CS and it's engine. But I also do'nt know wich company would make it better. But they should have someone that is passionate about cs becuase I do not...
Top 6 ice hockey
You have 41 players that have played in NHL this season with 21 players above 10 points. Sweden have 82 players in total with 45 players 10 points or above..
The b-hop and sometimes the "rus-jump".
Rate my beat
The beat is out of line and has a severe lack of rythm. Edit: The drums are fine tho.
I would put f0rest and flusha up there also