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ur age and job??
22 In the sports betting business. Around 3k € after taxes.
I will guess if ur retarded
I'm retard1
Top 10 best swedish proplayers of all time in CSGO
1. Olofmeister 2. Flusha/GTR 4. krimz 5. f0rest(f0rest is my nr.1 1.6+csgo) 6. JW 7. pronax(ignore the years after fnatic) 8. dennis 9. xizt 10. friberg
i will guess your rank
I got an dmg account to play with my friend, but my main is global. Partially tight!
i will guess your rank
Team: Any swede team, mby nip first. Player: forest Weapon: T: AK CT: AWP Steam level: 7
Zara Larsson
That just have to go without a doubt above the avrage looking girl without makeup. If you do not agree, you have not been outside. Edit: Most girls I see on the streets looks worse WITH makeup.
Zara Larsson
How is she avrage without makeup? Are u blind? Sure her opinions sucks, but come on..
hours in cs
1.3k hrs in 1.6 1.2k hrs in csgo
Lol and how is the france scene? It has never been nr. 1 in the world ever. Forever nr. 2.
LEM in 850 Hrs
Ofc you can be smart. Either with timings or with flash/smokes.
LEM in 850 Hrs
LEM in 850 Hrs
Lol, I play very aggressive, but in a smart way. I've always played aggressive. But yes, I try to kill the enemy every time I'm in a duel, I do not know about u.
LEM in 850 Hrs
Wut? Explain, where did I tell otherwise? That made 0 sense.
tell me info about you and i will say your rank and other things about you
hours played on cs: 1k hrs fav. player: f0rest fav. team: Any swedish team res: 1600x900 fav. map: train or cache
LEM in 850 Hrs
1.1k hrs and global elite(only single matchmaking). I do not have good aim, but I play very smart.