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Gj swedistan
well when its nothing else but cs, yes. Racism, trolling, b8ing, h8ing.. etc etc. There are other forums and communities for that, just sayin
Gj swedistan
why is it that hltv is a place for everything except counter strike on forums x)
I love you Sweden, but seriously???
People love to hate on Sweden, and that is fine. People who get offended will just be that.. Offended nothing more. I found this hilarious tho and it is kind of sweden as a whole, they aired it on tv....
I love you Sweden, but seriously???
hahaha brilliant, outsiders, weird people found in sweden.
today's youth are using their religious beliefs to make their actions right
you might be a giant b8er but why is it that what you say or believe in is the truth? I believe that all religion is evil and has done nothing but evil doings since i dont know how far back. Religion ...
Zowie EC2-A or Razer Deathadder Chroma
still stuck with my imo 1.1, ec2-a and Rchroma in the drawer
Putin beast!!!
he is one nasty mf
Sweedish arrogant
Well, it was the right winged that kind of fucked it up here to begin with. Swedish politicians, all of them except the Swedish Democrats all want to be politically correct. I am proud of being swedis...
zaaz boob
false, born and raised in sweden
Gay countries
Well Sweden are one of the countries that accept gay people the most. But in terms of general population, i think germany have more homosexuals, not that it matters tho. I also don't see the point of ...
Your Crosshair !
green style 5 size 5 gap -1 thickness 1.5
malmo crowd
why are you comparing a strip club and a game? It's age restricted not illegal. I bet these kids are under supervision as well. And a strip club dude? I bet you were watching porn when u were 13 and t...
17 ez
ive used it, my hand cramped up ufter an hour of play and i couldn't continue. the sensor is the best on the market and you get nice switches and a good scroll wheel. Some g303's suffer from sensor ra...