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Best rapper ever ??
Nice Sweden
You also have 6000 doses of asthma medicine with you to the Olympics ;)
Csgl suck on lan. Godsent own on lan ez.
Ancient vs eXplosive
Ohh so a mix name bought the players? Ancient has nothing behind it its just a name they use untill they will join something. And all 4 of the other players except pronax was on different teams/mixes ...
Ancient vs CPH Wolves
Since they got their shit togheter and stopped throwing games should have won last week already was better then both those teams.
Ancient vs CPH Wolves
That's the case with every new player old pros say they cheat because they get owned then most of them go to lan and do the same thing. .it was nothing weird with that clip
CSGL vs Ancient
Devilwalk is not involved with the team anymore.
Ancient vs SK
Ancient looking better and better everytime they play.
E-frag.net vs Ancient
Dota would probably have been picked up by someone else. and we can thank him for hl2. It's not like he giving the game the attention it deserves they are making big money of their player base but not...
E-frag.net vs Ancient
Pls don't mention his name with that scrubgaben he don't care about cs and fuck up Dota :)
E-frag.net vs Ancient
Well back then they was a mix dw dropped after first map and they had to take a stanin for that map I guess they got tilted from a player dropping mid game.
E-frag.net vs Ancient
Ancient probably win over sk but it's online so you never know with sk they played like a t5 team on lan.
E-frag.net vs Ancient
Efrag is a t4 team for long time they not good enough against better teams. Ancient has very good potential just because they played as a mix in last online tournament people think that was a real an...
E-frag.net vs Ancient
Ancient got this game! If it was a bo3 it would be maybe 80/20 favor for ancient.
E-frag.net vs Ancient
No lineup has been official yet for ancient since they have not released any statement. But this is the lineup they won pantamera with.