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allu disrespectful
Exactly! You gotta do everything to boost your teams moral. That's just normal 'shit talking'. Which can make you perform better!
finland CS dead?
They won orbit but lost to us in grand final (tryPANTS - me, blANZEY, ociriz, juhogodx & joelz). And now sAw plays with us (-joelz).
csgolounge bets from today Lost 1, won 2 :(
If you own your own house / apartment you have a smaller tax rate. And there is couple more things like that what you can do to make your tax rate smaller.
esea code pl0x ;>
E5E8427D333601EE4F6C69227D0AC73D if you still need
I don't think theres much coverage, but you can always check and use for your prefered language! I can give you a hint, tryPANTS are going to wi...
Got new macbook pro
Install Windows 7 with bootcamp to it and you will run CS:GO good enough to play it around 60fps I'd say...
finnish cs
Well it's pretty usually that we the Finns do not put enough effort in playing as a team. But still some of us want to play seriously and put effort in teamplay and so on. Even though most of us don't...
finnish cs
Not this time I'm afraid
finnish cs
Beware the tryPANTS are coming! #YOLO D:DD
AWP Graphite
How get better rank ?
Got my Global Elite after 10 matches...
CS:GO on Mac
You can run CS:GO native on Mac. But I rather install Windows 7 using bootcamp so I could use all the programs well. With bootcamp you get better FPS than in OS X.
Slots guld is pretty good also.... :D
Overall I prefer Corona! But I always drink Heineken, but Karhu is probably the best Finnish beer. Corona > Heineken > Karhu