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Flat earth theorists
If you fly in a straight line for long enough you end up back where you started. This means that it's impossible for the earth to be flat. Problem solved.
What country would you like to live in?
It's not all it's cracked up to be :D
What country would you like to live in?
I fell in love with Lisbon when I visited, staying in Barrio Alto. Just had a really nice vibe, good atmosphere, cool people, culturally rich, excellent food and beautiful weather.
What country would you like to live in?
Going by places I've visited in the past, Denmark, Germany or Portugal.
Can get on board with the concept of vegetarianism, or pescetarianism, but the biggest stumbling block I have is that I dislike the taste of the vast majority of vegetables. As a middle ground I t...
It's because he's a loser
The Fiffcase, no hate here guys.
The idiots are out in force again it seems.
Messi to PSG in summer
Wouldn't he pay like 70% tax in France? Who the fuck would want to do that?
In American football each and every play is dependant on everyone on the team doing a job which is specifically assigned to them, if one of them fails to do it properly the play breaks down. There ...
depression the new thing of 21st century ?
Too many people confuse sadness with depression. It's not the same thing.
depression the new thing of 21st century ?
I don't think REAL depression is any more prevalent now than it was 100 years ago. The pharmasutical companies around the world have a big part to play in the current boom in "depression", it's a ...
depression the new thing of 21st century ?
It sucks but unfortunately that's the hand you've been dealt. You either have to work really hard to get out of the position you're in or you have to make the best of what you have. People don't ne...
Music you're listening to.
Right now I'm listening to Bonobo - Cirrus, up next is Darkside - Paper Trials
Your idols
There are probably too many to name, depends on what they do and in what way they've inspired me. Writers: Kerouac, Bukowski, Burroughs, Thompson, Wilde, Huxley, Celine, Solzhenitsyn, Bradbury and ...
Some of the greatest minds who ever lived were - and are - manic depressives who have explored or at the very least considered suicide.