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Help! GF birthday
it depends what u want... header or anal :>
Turkish csgo
That is really sad... :( I have to admit there are really good ones too, but met them once... turks I mean...
How many souvenir drops you got this major?
2 train & nuke nuke got litterly for watching only 1-2 rounds liquid vs astralis as I was at work... :D
FaZe vs BIG
change scorebot background to new dust2 :)) P.S. Faze... you are my pick for 3-0
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
whats up facebook? even uses russian twitch stream to add highlights of the game! WP
Beer = must have on weekends ?
Was about to ask same...
Mb he is a fan of spinners no NIPPERS... KAPPERINO
wheres sadokist?
It so funny guys... Really! Guy said F... N...(FN) words! Community: omg he is bad, he is racist... Cmon WTF guys? Like those who throw all the hate at him dont use FN on daily basis... Yeah right.....
i guess your age
1. House music, noone specific comes to my mind... 2. Natus Vincere (2010) 3. LEM 4. Who the hell is that whigga(Post Malone)? P.S. 2PAC for sure 5. I don't watch him!
i guess your age
dude have you missed part where he wrote fav singer his daughter? :)))
Perfume you use?
Sry man I was about to reply to #13! P.S. as I told "don`t get me wrong" , wasn`t trying to insult you! ;) I work with quite a lot of gypsies from Slovakia and nearly every single one wearing Millio...
Perfume you use?
This one good one! Btw million, dont get me wrong is gypsy addiction!
You have played with wrong ones I believe... Yeah most are toxic when you having bad day... But there are some kind ones and really funny ones! ;)
ceh9 about 100Thievs
Man he is not saying that at all! There is question mark in the end of title of the video! ;) He is bringing up theory(kind of), as an example taking flamie who knew Tyloo wont make to Boston. He boug...
i3 8350k or 8600k,100000&c=320