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Ah a fellow member of CWB.
Link a song you're addicted to rn
''Today's rappers are so bad''
Rap might be mainstream today, but the golden age was the 90's, a time where 2pac, Biggie Smalls, Big L, Wu-tang, A tribe called Quest were all active at the same time, the trash today can't compare.
''Today's rappers are so bad''
Today's rappers are average at best, same generic beats, poor lyrics, body covered in tattoos, autotune etc... Even the lesser-known rappers from back in the day are 100x better than today's rappers. ...
I rate your PC
You can't overclock non-k CPU's, Intel artificially locked them so people buy the more expensive k + more expensive boards aswell. What you meant is that your CPU boost to 4ghz, that's not OC, just no...
Which is fucked up because Tuscan is just a mod of cpl_mill, I do like Tuscan better than mill, but cmon. I wonder why nobody just got the base layout of the map and just modified some areas and gave ...
Another overrated NA team, what a surprise, saw that coming when NRG got seeded so high. getting 1vs3'ed by shazam FUCKING LOL
You are braindead, what taco said is to ban the zooming bind so it wouldn't be as easy to see in the radar, and I doubt any pro player plays with the minimap zoomed by default. They didn't think Valve...
Rekt how? Bringing old mistakes now somehow invalidates concerns one might have about a feature in the game? Ok, then thorin implied Brazilians are monkeys so any argument he might have no matter how ...
What is the point in bringing up that SK talked during tech pause? they made a mistake and got punished for that mistake having prize money deducted. Course Thoorin wants to bait people, if he wanted ...
1050 or 1050ti
Depending on where you live, the RX 570 is a better buy.
Do you believe in god?
I would be a pussy if I was from some Nordic country getting fucked by muslims
Do you believe in god?
I can't say for sure, but one thing is clear, I don't believe in any religion. If I die and it turns out that there was a god and he wants to punish me for not following his book I'll tell him to fuck...
Fallen is a right winger
Honestly top 3 most voted candidates were shit, but people who voted for Haddad or Ciro shouldn't even open their mouths to criticize who voted for Bolsonaro, cuz they voted just as bad. Best case sce...
FURIA so toxic
Sure, imagine getting mad at a team because they shout a little to hype themselves, come to a CS forum to complain(and compare it to your average moron in pugs) about it. Calling people hypocrites, th...