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fall guys
Yes and no. It is a little overpriced right now because there isn't that much content. Game gets really repetitive after few hours and there are a lot, and i mean a lot of cheaters. Almost every game ...
all of them
cant win 4v5 :/
poizon wtf
Nothing special, og just threw that round
Dr Disrespect Banned [Update]
I think it's not coincidence that twitch says they will start to ban people who have sexually harassed women. Same day twitch banned like 6 guys permanently whom all got banned because of sexual hara...
Dr Disrespect Banned [Update]
I think he lost his sponsors atleast gfuel and razer. Yeah few days ago those sponsors came back but now seems like they've again decided to not sponsor dr
Dr Disrespect Banned [Update]
You can but will he have sponsors if he did something bad? No, so he won't have money to do that
Dr Disrespect Banned [Update]
Depends what doc did. He already lost sponsors and seems like he did something bad (like rape) but he is definitely part of the #metoo thing. If doc did something bad or harassed multiple women then h...
masterpiece games
hollow knight
Dr disrespect
yeah it's a publicity stunt for sure. If not then doc is part of the #metoo thing that is going on but i really doubt that
cmon finland
nice bait
fallen last 2 tweets
what's this whole mibr thing?
+1 and also ISSAA has communication problems because his english isn't that good
I don't really care because i've been og fan for a long time (dota2) and i love organization so i want to support them. If og csgo team wants to succeed they need to change issaa to someone who actual...