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best comback?
vp vs sk for me
I'm a loser
1- adopt an animal (DO NOT BUY, ADOPT !!!) 2- work out, exercise on basics. 3- never never never skip school, educate yourself and be open to always learn some new things. you may not be able to chan...
Do you eat at breakfast ?
I'm lucky on this. I can prepare my breakfast and eat at work. We have 30 minutes to have breakfast before start working so that's kind of nice. Allthough I dont like breakfast so I usually eat pretty...
What do other countries think about Finland?
nokia good education EZ4ENCE
Best headset
yes I know I have tried it before but not as good as creative's crystalizer. Also agree on you DAC/Amp.
Best headset
I've used that soundcard, really good stereo sound, might be the best but not as good as creative soundcard when it comes to software upgrades, like crystalizer. Way easier to hear because crystalizer...
Best headset
I've been using creative sound cards since 2007. I've used 3 of them. SB 5.1 pro, SB x-fi go! and SB arena (integret to headset). they all great for both game and multimedia I tried a very cheap heads...
Best headset
buy a good sound card like creative. then any headphone will be enough.
Your favorite fitness exercise
regular steps and push ups. regular steps are really good for warm up and cardio. I used to do this between every repeat.
Turks come
this "genocide" recognise was voted on turkish independence day. Just another political move by usa. I dont know too much about that subject, so I have no thoughts about it..
Turks never in EU
okay thats just not true, i understand you dont like turkey and everything but hey you know what, turks dont ride camel kiddo, grow up..
xmp might be causing this, check your memory speed via cpu-z. a clean windows might also help lastly, check the gpu-cpu temperatures, did you get unexpected shut downs?
Things that only you do
today on hltv confirmed episode 30: things that never happened
fake news