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Top 1 food from your country
In Macedonia, it's almost exclusively made with brine cabbage leafs and minced pork and rice as the filling. I've had sarma with cabbage leaves, vine leaves, chard and collard greens. I don't thin...
Top 1 food from your country
Pastrmajlija https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/cf/PastrmajlijaAngela.JPG/1200px-PastrmajlijaAngela.JPG https://coolinarika.azureedge.net/images/_variations/b/7/b76c0e2d7257c65f888...
Top 1 food from your country
The sarma commonly made in Turkey is different from the sarma made in the ex-yu countries and Romania. The type of leaf and meat differs. Same idea, but they taste different.
Flusha is doing a good job right now, the only concern is that he's said repeatedly that he doesn't want to do that long term.
FaZe rain
" he will be in the top 5 players" You mean like in 2017? Everyone is aware what rain is capable of, and he's shown that he can be consistent.
Brazilian CS has enough talent for a second top 15 team at the least if they can the good players on the same team.
They have a lot of firepower, but now that top teams have taken a note of their play, they will need to adjust. The in your face style that they are playing will only work so often. Think QBF, with ...
Get ZywoOo out of that sh*t team
Zywoo -> Valliance, lol.
Top 20 players 2018: The Final
1 - s1mple 2 - device
Top 20 players 2018: 3rd