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Most common name on your country
Marko and Nikola
Make a team using the letters in your name
Niko Electronic Mixwell Autimatic Naf Jw Allu
football ugliest team
But the best was Peter Crouch: "What would you be if you weren't footballer? "A virgin"
if you could save 10 countries
Wow man, you could actually win World cup then, very smart selection
R8 your country's WC peformance so far
Totally expected to end competition in group stage, so I would say 4/10
No chance 4 Serbia, unfortunately. If we could qualify with draw, that would be kinda realistic, but no chance in hell that we will win against Brazil. Our defence is good, but old (all except Milenko...
Swiss and Albanian Joke
Still more chanses than Albania. At least untill tomorrow, when Brazil rape us and send us home :D
WC 2026
Yep, there are lot of solid teams in Africa. Also, 6-7 sport for South America is great (but that will make their qualifications very boring). But, Asia... Oh man... I know that there is lot of money ...
WC 2026
Actually, Europe will get only 3 spots more then it has already. On the other hand, Asia will have 4 spots more :D. Cant wait to see teams like Syria, North Korea or something like that on WC
Best and worst transfer (any time)?
Torres to Chelsea
Serbian Superteam
-ustilo +devoduvek
WorldCup Russia 2018
Serbia win, Kolarov too stronk 4 Brazil
Countries with only 1 good pro
nexa is way better than all of them (except maybe Hunter, but he declares himself as Bosnian).
Countries with only 1 good pro
Serbia - nexa