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Zowie EC2/FK1 or Logitech g403
The deathadder elite? Nah it's the same sensor mate. Just razer firmware and dealing with synapse is something nobody would do if they have a brain.
Zowie EC2/FK1 or Logitech g403
It's a bit stiff in my opinion but if you mount it properly it's okay, not great but okay.
Zowie EC2/FK1 or Logitech g403
Because it is incredibly good. It's light, has the best sensor and the best clicks on the market. The only downside is the cable.
what is your excuse now?
You are trolling right
Sweden? Sup?
It was in normal news outlets in Sweden as well.
How I was removed as Romanian Captain at TWC 2016
You actually didn't. This is the csgo subreddit
Gob B = DaZeD?
Dazed didn't call in torqued so yeah gg.
Gob B = DaZeD?
And I will agree with a Dane. The prophecy has been foretold and now the earth will shatter.
1024*768 bb
It us very blurry compared to full HD.
cod4 promod players
Hayley Williams megathread please.
Souvenir Dragonlore FN Giveaway
potato chimcham luna pop canoe town fimpy No way in hell this is legit however.
Worst major ever?
Oh good an inmature kid.
Worst major ever?
Yes in the world war those were the names. They are however talking about infrastructure, education, political rule and general quality of living. Poland comparing themselves to Germany in those ar...
anders bagdes
Dressing like a grown up is hard.
worstest player of top
6 months? The news of Markeloff and s1mple leaving hellraisers was on the 14 of January.