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rofl nt n3wf4g
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tell me your sensitivity and ill guess ur rank :)
trace from 1.6 did, and he was pretty good ye?
3000k hr still LE
wrong, slightly improving game knowledge and decision-making theory in regards to CS will easily carry him above LE. Seeing as LEM, Supreme, Global players are all shit due to the fact that all they k...
500h in CS:GO!
I did, i played 1.6.
500h in CS:GO!
lmao, 700 hrs - 2100 faceit elo
Mouse for girl hand
razer taipan
r8 my $3000 look
lul, if you can afford that shit, why not buy a panerai
Top 8 Awpers
dupreeh, easily best player at major next to device
Logical roster changes.
Pretty sure Magisk and Friis wont play on the same team ever again.
M4A4 vs M4A1-S
lul, are you silver
M4A4 vs M4A1-S
I feel like the m4a1-s should have 20/60 bullets instead - in which case i would consider using it. I just dislike the fact that you cannot spam smokes, seeing as the m4a4 is already better in close r...
lv10 faceit
I know. But my point is, if you do take time to grind you will get out of there if you are better - as in your example. Might take 50 games. Might take 100. But you will get out of there :-)
lv10 faceit
Just go 2-3 man queues then. Easily out of the slums
lv10 faceit
And how do you get your kills? You tell your teammates, guys now i will get 2-3 entries on A site, follow me and win the round? and then they just manage to lose it? or are you - as many others - sitt...
lv10 faceit
sorry but if you're stuck in lvl 2-3.. you just are not very good
lv10 faceit
dat guy hjrte you just played again is garbage. Always keeps on saying "come back when you have accomplished anything in cs..". Who the fuck is this guy xDDDDDDDDDDD