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Rahim & RLewis
your way of thinking is stupid. esports is sport for young people, most of young people like funny stuffs which is great, since those 0 sense of humour people are mostly not the best ones to have arou...
imo they would be aiming for 2017 (20 years after ff7 came out) but i doubt they will make it in time, theres too much expectation from this game so they will try to make it as good as possible which ...
no point in trying to be the "grown up" man when u are visiting this gaming site and playing cs:go. Imagine there would be a remake of cs 1.6 and millions of players would be extremely happy cuz old 1...
yes, they are making 2 versions, one is the pc port for ps4 (announced last year, same old graphic) and one was announced here which is a remake in hd
faceit ddoser
would be great if faceit would sue him and then show video of police knocking on his door :D
Why do you waste your time?
depends on your definition of better. normal sports have some great side effects (youre healthier, more positive etc) which esports dont have. however if youre smart enough you know that u need to sit...
devilwalk tweet
it might depend on server then
Flusha = Jesus
i didnt talk to valve to ban him. i said my opinion, stated why i think he cheats (in some other thread) and thats it. i dont expect flusha to be banned based on my opinion, there are better persons/s...
Flusha = Jesus
where did i say this lol. for me (from the videos i have seen) he cheats. there is almost never 'yes, this guy is guilty' but 'yes, this guy is guilty with probability 99%'. and thats how u get punish...
Krimz just tweeted gg
agree, gamer doesnt deserve it. however games are not like they used to be 10 years ago, now gaming is a job and cheating on a 'job' level should imo be considered similar to stealing money (which the...
devilwalk tweet
yes, its a catastrophy, way worse imo
944 Hours and still Nova4
u wont improve if u will just join a server (doesnt matter if its dm or normal or whatever) and see if u will improve or not. u must go on the server with the idea in your mind what are u looking to i...
Fnatic was forced to forfeit by their sponsor
wasnt it that they first decided to replay the second half (or from 13-3) and then after fnatic talked with them they decided to restart the whole map?
Joe Miller is Back :o
dont post without thinking. he made the best decision at that time, cs:go was looking a lot like source meaning it was thought that it would die in 2 year so why not become a commentator of the bigges...
Fnatic was forced to forfeit by their sponsor
so after u finally convince the admins to restart the whole map in the next 2 hours some bulb shows above your heads and u all agree to forfeit? dunno doesnt make much sense dont u think?