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Kinguin vs FlipSid3
ez LAN cheat Kappa
Natus Vincere vs FlipSid3
will be interesting to hear flipside`s pov.
s1mple vs kioshima
server`s admin banned kio lol what a tard
TSM vs NiP
fnatic vs HellRaisers
easy for olof 2-0
dignitas vs FlipSid3
kick markeloff plz, useless piece of shit
Natus Vincere vs TSM
navi choking hard first games and playing group stage always bad, but i dont know how tsm playing their first games
EnVyUs vs Natus Vincere
guardian need to train new positions at de_inferno, nv just smoke his positions and he become useless, he try rush onto smoke or take another position but its didnt work out.
EnVyUs vs Natus Vincere
-mirage,dust2 by nv -nuke,overpass(?) by navi cache/inferno/cobblestone 2-0 nv, but i will cheer for navi 4 sho
taz: "CS:GO is the hardest game to master"
after playing sc:bw all other games are fucking easy as fuck, its sad that sc2 pretty easy comparing to sc:bw, but still its a million times harder then games like csgo,dota and lol
Was 1.5 better than 1.6?
1.5 is 1.6 without famas&galil and useless shield :D but it was cool to play in public servers where shield was allowed
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
navi are in bootcamp and cant even hide their ip? what a bunch of idiots
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
easy for olof
and how he plays on t side? watching b from t resp. just 0 impact to the game. he didnt heard anyone on b site, cant give a info for his team, just useless piece of shit. cant kill, cant even heard wh...
EnVyUs vs Natus Vincere
actually if navi kick BOT starix, they can be top tier team, now im hope zerogravity kick this useless starix