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s1mple vs kioshima
server`s admin banned kio lol what a tard
taz: "CS:GO is the hardest game to master"
after playing sc:bw all other games are fucking easy as fuck, its sad that sc2 pretty easy comparing to sc:bw, but still its a million times harder then games like csgo,dota and lol
Was 1.5 better than 1.6?
1.5 is 1.6 without famas&galil and useless shield :D but it was cool to play in public servers where shield was allowed
and how he plays on t side? watching b from t resp. just 0 impact to the game. he didnt heard anyone on b site, cant give a info for his team, just useless piece of shit. cant kill, cant even heard wh...
+s1mple no need fucking oldfags, they didnt win when they was young, better give chance for young player who can improve his game year by year.
-starix +Dosia
dosia`s aim better then starix for sure, but dosia always switching gun in important moments and s dies like silver noob cuz that switching :DDD i think s1mple will be much better addition if next ma...
Most overrated AWPer?
s1mple plot twist
s1mple: "bg"
if u said it when they playing inferno it will be normal, but after match finished everyone can blame him. so get ur balls and say it immediatly when game is on next time
s1mple: "bg"
esea? unban? ROFLMAO
s1mple: "bg"
u retard or what? how he can calls outside the game? u think cs it game where u just saying: "go b" and then next round "go a" ? LMAO if u know what IGL means exactly u would`nt say that crap
Dat throws? they didnt even prepared for match. also worldedit said in stream that he didnt even hear markeloff`s voice since he joined in dat team ...
dAT Please
dat is just clan-tag. its not organisation
HR worst roster change as of yet in CS:GO?
HR is angel`s team. he picking his friends. thats why HR never kick kucher. everybody know that kucher is fucking nab and never replace simple as main awp. about worldedit: actually he toxic too :D ...
S1mple to mouz
hahahaha nice edit