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Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
Yaşa Mustafa Kemal paşa, yaşa!
device vs NiKo/s1mple
also, Niko has better HS rate due to s1mple playing an awp
Haircut price in your country
not really :D but it is good that they are remember
Haircut price in your country
thank you sir
Haircut price in your country
from around 2 usd up to thousands usd
best commentator
There is no competition, he is the one you can watch a whole day, and still laugh.
But basically it is their country as well. MAny people we born in ussr, hence Moscow is it's capital. While for most of north caucasians Russia is still a homeland, where is Moscow is it's biggest cit...
faceit LVL
When I was active, I was supreme in mm and level 4 (?) on faceit. My silver friends were level 2 and 3 :) this is how we played together, and this is how I got level to 1 faceit :D Anyways many serve...
Brazil Fascism
he used it twice - both before and after the word. Nevertheless, "way worse" itself is more of an informal english
CS:GO and PUBG died for this
8 seconds left? or wtf ?
your role in matchmaking?
troll toxic salty
it is not mafia, it is bydlo
Many people in post-soviet countries do not speak Russian. They do speak it in capital cities, but they do not speak it elsewhere. During the Soviet times, they had set they own languages as official,...
Mouz s1mple
Synergy is good university but not best (Harvard best)
Buyin' new mouse
Just asked people who own both - they are the same. But g304/305 is wireless