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Turks vs Kurds in Germany - Hannover
lol, no ) they originate from Altai, Tarim, Middle East and Central Asia - genes do not lie. There are different turkic groups each have their own tribes...
Turks vs Kurds in Germany - Hannover
Try to wave Nazi Germany flag next to Aeroflot or Delta desk :D
Turks vs Kurds in Germany - Hannover
Turks are completely separate from Mongolian tribes, know your history mate. There are Turkic tribes, and there are Mongolian tribes - different languages, cultures, etc.. however the religion was ...
Uzbekistan come
I am talking about interpol and wester intelli service, that they should do a better job in prevention of such acts.
Why are the Russians such morons?
Your accent is basically the same :D Russians are Balts, Slavs, Turks, Germans who speak slavic(very mixed) language.
Dear Irani friends
Uzbek football is just like Russian football - high hopes, shit results :D
Uzbekistan come
Uzbek intelligence service constantly provides info on possible terrorists and western countries do not check them. 99% of the information is pin-point accurate. Uzbekistan has strict control over the...
Uzbekistan come
they use mobile payments, nfc and qr codes. You can pay every bill without getting out of home. No cash needed.
Wolfhound vs New4
How Turkmens made it there and not a single Uzbek or Kazakh team ? :D
budget mouse ?