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S1mple [*]
it's a snowball effect, you play bad - you overthink why you're playing bad and you try to over-correct your natural responses (the same natural responses that got you where you were in the first plac...
S1mple [*]
needs to stop overthinking and find some regularity in his life. Big move for a young person.
Fxyo's statement regarding the life ban
1 Year ban and a percentage of your winnings as a fine should be the penalty. International Cricket had match fixing scandals back in the 2000's involving alot more money and half of them didn't ge...
mousesports vs Renegades
top 1 in world
fnatic will take 3rd map
This Caster-Lineup...
I thought i saw Hiko on the analysis desk? he would be worth casting. he has inside knowledge at a higher level.
Why NiP is the best team in the world
I think NiP's hunger to win isn't there at the moment. Bring on another major and i feel that will change. Remember they're the older team in the scene and unlike fnatic (albeit they are good, [BOL...
Whats your favourite player? Why?
is he a col guy?
RoomOnFire vs FACEITTV
Ummm no, the synergy between Hoss and James? zzz. When he runs out of things to say, there is just an awkward silence. no emotion either. RoF - yes they may say stupid things, but name 1 real li...
if JW -> NiP
i'd say that isnt comparable as Forest (well to my knowledge) is a really good rifler but has been thrust into the awping position.
HUGE glitch game breaking
not using that hashtag ever.
sup steel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
best moment of csgo twitch
iPhone 6 dropped
Yeah, its hard to hold onto your phone in Australia because of the reverse gravity we have here.
lurppis talent in csgo?
Lurpiss in 3DMAX