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jw's muse
Sicily is part of Italy...
LGB eSports At Dreamhack Winter 2013 -- Unofficial
Well, I'm always a fan of these sorts of sentences that end with exclamation marks! However it got really boring imo after like the 2-nd exclamation mark! You could have added more ways to finish sen...
Clan-Mystik vs fnatic
Is it live? Whats up with scorebot?
Nixon vs Overdrive : Underdogs or Top dogs
Playing for fun has beaten playing for money. Cool story when gaming community is determined by prize money on events.
Turkey protests/violence
power to the people lol
Help Vikings:CSGO get to The Blast!
Get a job.
Cadred ems one mvp vote
Ridiculous? Like this guy Rickeh, he is in every thread on HLTV. As soon as someone mentiones words like CS source, cadred, Richard Lewis - Rickeh Police comes and starts pointless discussions with th...
HI, not about counterstrike but PLEASE HELP ME, I NEED YOU
Done. GL on the trip, take a picture for :)
Good bad things about dreamhack
Bosnia is same timezone. Or -+ hour.
Viewers count - CS:GO DREAMHACK 2012 FINALS
Pls post source views dreamhack 2012. You really fail hard. :)
Yeah, he is not so cool and doesn't have that alfa male aura like previous James Bond actors.
President USA 2013
Isaac Newton is European. Go back to highschool. :)))
And The long List of updates you guys been waiting for!
– Nuke o Updated the language on the radiation warning signs. Changed ‘radioactiv’ to ‘radioaktiv!’ and ‘Kein Zutritt’ to ‘Kein Zutritt!’ o Updated the Forklift prop. Gonna buy it now definetely.
Missing RAHIM??
Totally agree with you. I listened to him for an half an hour few times and its always the same, and i cant believe that there isnt any single commentator on english beside him, at least for Gamegune....
Longest match you ever played
I was insantly thinking of that match to, i still remember my shock when i switched to their hltv ip and saw they are still playing...and the result, haha! :)