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> Resolution: 800x600
> Crosshairsize: size2 gap -1 blue drawoutline 1 outline thinkness 0.5
> Sensitivity: 1.9 400dpi, rawinput OFF
> Monitor HZ: 75
> Winsens:5/11
> Enchance pointer precision: no
> Mouseacc: off
> Mousefix: yes
> Vsync: off
> Zoom_sens: 08
> Crosshaircolor: blue

Forum posts
Try and offend me/
no1 cares enough to try to insult you lol. "Try and offend me/" "I have psychopathic tendencies and suicidal ideologies. Try and offend me." what i read: I need atention. I'm a 16yo emo...
Fox signed contract!!!
yeah he signed a contract on a paper with his gaming gear brand logo, kys
Holy shit what a night
Dude she would not hate you at all, the worst case would be she refusing, and i bet you in this case, that you were so nice to her, she would be nice to you. But never second guess instinct just move ...
Holy shit what a night
When you had the solo time, i usually, interrupt the conversation, look the girl deep in the eyes, and moove in for the kiss
Holy shit what a night
You had one chance, u had to moove in for the kill, but u didn't. You'll get friendzoned sadly :\
Is sex overrated? Why? (+18)
Personal experience, meaningless sex becomes shity after a wille. Sex with some1 you trully love and you really wanna please, is awesome, it's like a full experience, a fucking conneciton. Tbh i...
Movies online
/close thank you for the help guys, already found 2 decente ones
Movies online
ty so much :)
Movies online
thx but most of the links are broken :'
Movies online
dot what?
Girls like Retards!
girls like alphas, you sir are a beta. "I have a super bright future with money." do you listen to yourself? Girls in young ages are not worryed about the future, they wanna have fun and experie...
Fer´s gf
He trained martial arts since he was a kid. And he trains kick boxing for sure, there is a video of him, koing some1 in a spar match. He most def can beat the average cs:go nerd
Why Fox ?
"Also if Showtime forgives Cold, he might have been a better addition and fit." This gave me cancer