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FaZe vs BIG
Yeah thats really not how a tier system works, If you took the 10 best teams in the world right now and put them in a tournament together and astralias went out first round with fnatic and Na'vi + mou...
FaZe vs BIG
NiP are definitey a t1 team. tier1 consists of 20 teams and NiP are most definitely in there along with BIG. I think your evaluation is actually a top 3 perhaps or something like that, really not su...
FaZe vs BIG
What do you mean, could? haha, look at their LAN placements this year, they are t1
S1mple's sister
Incredible haha, nice work man
Fortnite blowing up
It's the biggest game there's ever been in terms of exposure, diversity in user, acceptance by non-gamers and soon to be prize money undoubtedly. Won the game lottery that's for sure.
Valiance vs Epsilon
Get that monitor distance right smooya, lineup that sweet little logo with the middle of your glasses and bang. It's your time.
SK vs Rogue
The 4 man save made the win for Rogue, weird but correct with the time available. FalleN out of ideas, would love to see FalleN + coldzera getting top mid control as ct more.
Best era of CS 1.6
alternate aTTax did some real nutty shit for a while, basically invented the pop flash and dominated with it for 5/6 months but were so strategically ahead the skill gap was just enormous. Lunatic Ha...
Sprout vs Wind and Rain
do your research mongoloids.
UK is a joke politically
In America you can hate speech and someone will show up at your door and shoot you, although that wouldn't bother you because you're obviously a fake flagging refugee or immigrant. gg
Windigo vs Wind and Rain
Isurus vs YeaH!
Israel best clan
Fallen > Neo CS 1.6
Except for the fact you've clearly not taken into the account the level of opposition, they're playing against, The South American scene and US scene was so far away in skill gap to EU that I doubt a ...
FalleN makes in excess of $220,000 a month, to be a little more accurate.