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Plz -Flamie
agree about flamie. He can't keep the same level all the time. Like Gatusso said, sometimes good sometimes shit. Edward is consistent and doing his support role consistently, however, I do not like hi...
Plz -Flamie
news from Overdrive, -Edward +Boomich
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pro100 without kenzor on minor
he also said he had problem with some sleeping pills before NY, lol
Russians come
lol, never thought it could be something new for someone. Just check in google "russian keyboard".
I am QBF big hater
not hate, but wtf is this system, if they are legends...
seized kicked already
probably, you didn't see him on analyst desk for epicenter(?). He was awful, he couldn't construct anything from his mind to the words. Even if he has something great tactical inside, he would never t...
I disagree, but what is more important is that s1mple is a key player and he wants awping.
why do they need sniper if s1mple wants to be main awp? It can't be little or worldedit for sure
ur age and job??
29 Network engineer about 2000$/month
not really. The sanctions are targeted to Putin's friends, not to Russian citizens. The pain is that our own goverment made opposite sanctions to other countries, so you cannot buy some goods, e.g. sw...
forget, it is difficult to explain because of different languagues. You have Irish American, Italian American, something like this. In Russia we have Russian Russian, Caucasian Russian, but in Russian...
English in mm
English in mm
99% sweden players can't pronounce fucking "J" letter. Do you know, how JUMP should be pronounced? Not fucking [yamp]...
Krakow vs Katowice
Hey, Polish people, what can you say about Krakow? I know it is one of the biggest city in Poland, but what about criminality? I can't imagine, I feel safe even in Warsaw. Is it OK for Russian there? ...