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Splyce vs Renegades
davey single handily won that for Splyce... JasonR is garbage and should be replaced. All he does is bait and when it comes time to frag someone he cannot...
r8 hot british girls
7/10 too much lint on burka
r8 hot british girls
I'm pretty sure I saw the one on the left in the toilet at Heathrow airport when I accidentally stumbled into one of the stalls to clean the toilet and she didn't lock the door...
British weirdos.
British people were always weirdos... you should see what their urine looks like whenever I clean their toilets. So weird...
s1mple framed
wow this is such a groundbreaking revelation... I always though China consumed the most amount of potatoes. The more you learn.
Cloud9 vs OpTic
You have a serious mental issue.. Insecurity problems galore.
Favourite alcohol?
Jack Daniels neat.. no ice, no other liquid to mix with. Make it a double... I don't drink alcohol for taste.
Favourite alcohol?
because you're a fag... wine is for fags
Turkey = ISIS
CSGO can only take you so far in life... news/politics affect you more than any CSGO content would. Why not give people a little bit of a forum to talk about things that actually matter?
Turkey = ISIS
Yea... about those bombings. Because they took place during Kurdish protests, Turkey did not give two fucks about it. Their investigation was extremely lax and they did not react with strength at al...
Turkey = ISIS
yep... even if Turkey agitates and shoots down a fighter jet for no reason at all. Article 5 bitches... Remove Turkey before they put everyone in a position they don't want to be.
Turkey = ISIS
you're nuts... Russia supports Iran and Syria, who are in a proxy war with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. ISIS = Sunni Wahhabi Gulf Countries = Sunni(Saudi Arabia supports more of the Wahhab...
Turkey = ISIS
yea... in the fact that we buy oil from the countries that actually support terrorism. Saudia Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria are all state sponsors of terrorism.