1vs3 @ de_nuke -
DreamHack'11 qual: me&DIMETHYLL_ vs backstab -
Light outside by QUISS feat. lorents -
-4 ak47 all HS @ de_tuscan -

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United Kingdom vs Moldova
new nick ideas?
I thought people had this kind of problems in 2004, not now jw fan much?
HLTV brains come here
Prolly like one of the 10 words I know in german. I heard it couple of years ago during a romanian evening talkshow and it just doesn't disappear from my memory. :))
HLTV brains come here
KaBuM.TD vs mousesports
I agree because I learned Java and C# offschool, but in Romania, the mathematics-informatics high school profile has in its programme c++ courses in most of the cases(there may be some old schools tha...
KaBuM.TD vs mousesports
You're right, but maybe he just wanted to print "kabum ez" regardless the type of the event chrisJ is gonna play in. :))
Excited for Kabum.TD Surely they have a nice streak right there. Hopefully it'll be a fantastic match from both sides, no1 wants to see a full one-sided stomp
KaBuM.TD vs mousesports
It's not the canadian steel we used to see in tournaments, it's just another player with the same nickname, tho' he is from Brazil.
KaBuM.TD vs mousesports
Surely a nice match-up
KaBuM.TD vs mousesports
dem c++ skills
Best recoil cfg
Call of Duty player much?
Usually the support player sets up entries throwing some flashes and smokes. Also, he is the man to rotate/backup when things get rough. Some support players like to play together with their main awpe...
I finished Breaking Bad.
Dunno if I'm sad or happy, really. lol
I finished Breaking Bad.
It really was. And yea, I guess that newspost is fake, although Bryan said some time ago that there were no bags for Walter shown...
I finished Breaking Bad.