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identified the man who is not a man. he will deceive you. asked BreenGrub pretty much confirmed it. shu'ulathoi? breengrub is gone now what

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Valve tries to explain how the new major qualifiers work
go back to reddit.
respectate coldzera
game of life? looool he was the best player in the world 2015 2016 and 2017 its just nice to see he still can do it, and he wasnt even baiting, he was entrying Why cant we just be happy about a nice ...
what girls do online?
tiktok instagram and pornhub according to history, yeah they watch pron too what a shocker
Valve tries to explain how the new major qualifiers work
this isn't readit you fool
no idea who any of those fools are edit: ops,actually I do know who floyd mayweather is, he lost decisively to castillo but boxing is rigged and corrupted and he picks easy opponents. What a great p...
I dont care about numbers. cause I know I got THE game for fps challenges, it could have 0 players and I would load up bots and still know this is the best fps game
Crysis Remastered
idk, 4 would be better as #64 stated, remastering is ok like black mesa, but idk, id like story progression
UCL is back today!
I just dont undertstand why you spend your time hating on things you dont like as if youre insecure or need to prove a point. I dont waste a second talking about things that dont interest me, so im j...
Girl in my class
next time you talk to her just mention you had a great time working on that project together and tell her she is welcome to do something together at another time (no pressure) Theres no reason for her...
Gym succes story
love the success stories, mine is more a motivational, not a gym specific story so I was raised and trained in the ways of martial arts since early age and the mental discipline and self respect and t...
Gym succes story
damn. thats a good one. respect
UCL is back today!
a shit > your opinion