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identified the man who is not a man. he will deceive you. asked BreenGrub pretty much confirmed it. shu'ulathoi? breengrub is gone now what

Forum posts
I wish we could get hltv ips like old days, to spectate ourselves and have peaceful moment enjoying cs without clueless or dramatic casters edit: I would pay for that, cause I still need to see some ...
imagine how bored JonE would be, his life purpose is to smack that hammer
Why is Incest bad?
I used to practise french kiss with my hot cousin, or rather she practised on me lol, always while drunk and high on weed, it was very consensual and we didnt even feel weird about it it feels kinda ...
I was CATFISHED - My secret
One lady tried that and I locked her in my basement and punished her. Turned out she really enjoyed that "experience", but I kinda expected that tbh. You should just know how to put your girls in thei...
DrDisrespect laughing at Thorin
the most natural reaction, a fucking aggressive nobody. I mean you know who it is, but you just think its ridiculous , even mother fuckers like this cheater laughs at it ROFL
Morning cock
yes almost every day, I wake up to a fucking tent maybe its like a hydraulic check for the body before starting the day lol
Who have more Jame time?
device playstyle is more jame like than jame himself
Your watch ?
group interviews
what do you mean?
Random Fact of the Day #12
not true
Your national hero?
pinochet was psycho. de donde sos carajo, no sabes lo que era vivir aqui asi que callate puto
Your national hero?
excuse me? thats rude man..
Your national hero?
yeah, that but the triple alliance conspired against us (Brazil, Uruguay, Argentine), we had to fight
Your national hero?
Mariscal Francisco Solano López Alfredo Stroessner, comandante supremo de las Fuerzas Armadas
lost my anus virginity