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girls in cs
are you a virgin by any chance? i don't think i've ever had a game ruined by a girl so leave them to w/e they wanna do it's not hurting you. i've had many games ruined by boys who talk too much on mic...
girls in cs
girls in cs are the same as girls you find in your school, at work, in your family. did a girl reject your dick pic or something?
girls in cs
your mother didnt keep you in her belly for 9 months for you to come out with that kind of attitude on her own gender. smh
women are equal
so true, ure 100% right
Thorin no life
24th in UK is like any other day. its not a holiday and we dont celebrate anything today so why say he should be with his family/friends? we do that on 25th
British government
our media report on the people who have killed. when lee rigby was beheaded it didnt go on to create 100 other beheadings even though the video of the guy was in every media outlet
British government
if thats the case why are there mass shootings in USA all the time but hardly any mass killings in most european countries with high gun regulation?
British government
this attacker had a knife, and all of the people attacked are still alive. if he had a gun how many do you think he could of taken out? your terror/gun attacks take out 10+ at a time, we havent had an...
British government
yeh i wish we had your freedom so every crazy person can get a gun and kill other people and remove their freedom ^___^
English help
do you mean research or researchers?
fire your gfx designer i straightened the lines up on paint for u https://gyazo.com/4214379582bd3dd20e984cbd8ea07956
respect dignity
rofl cam girl? how old are you? shes showing cleavage she isnt naked. leave your house and you will see way more cleavage than that walking the streets daily, were in 2015 girls can wear that shit wit...
respect dignity
she plays way more games than most other streamers. she is an entertainer and she gets paid to entertain. if you dont find her entertaining then you dont have to watch or donate to her
respect dignity
how DARE she have cleavage on show. stone her!
XYP9X most intelligent player ?
i arent think that