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AWP master, besides being the best overall player in the world... Yeah.
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Valve: "Match-fixing bans permanent"
Because there's nothing wrong with just throwing if you don't care about the match/fans etc. Making money from losing on purpose is a completely different issue altogether. If Skadoodle knew his team...
Valve: "Match-fixing bans permanent"
But did he know they were throwing for money? Or did he think they were just generally not trying.
18°C in Poland
Your thermometer is in direct sunlight.
200+ fps build
The site gives you all the information. Each row is a full balanced build.
200+ fps build Anything fair and better will give you 200+ on 1080p 5x5
Black friday
Bought an SSD on amazon, Sandisk plus 240gb
aimlock flusha
Is he paying you to advertise for him or are you doing it for free?
I have 8 win streak at bet AMA
Did you bet on eight 90:10 games in a row or something?
Leftists killed almost 150 people
Surely, immigration makes it easier. However, if it was restricted, the terrorists would just find other ways. They simply follow the principle of least resistance. They will use the most convenient w...
Gaming mouse
How can this guy still play professionally?
wtf is banter?
People in Britain use it quite frequently.
Hltv ban?
You probably insulted somebody. HLTV admins are proper SJW jews now. All they care about is how much money they can squeeze out of the site. Low levels of discourse prevalent in these forums hurt the ...
Flag of Lithuania #2
It looks like some random African flag.
Donald Trump
Nonsense. He inherited $200 million. He's worth $10 billion.