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DaZeD vs Tarik
Tarik " How is so and so supposed to feel about you talking trash about them to 5000 viewers on stream?" Dazed "I dont know maybe dont be such a fucking pussy about it?" lol so spot on by Dazed....
Cant recall them ever beating our top 1.6 team i know they came out here at least twice in the last ~6 or so years and both times lost in finals.And to be fair losing to an Aus team after 2009 in 1.6...
my nut One possibility, though who really knows. but dont fuck around with your nuts go the fuck to the doctor asap.
Zowie ec2-a???
Hi plex
GeT_RiGhT income confirmed - ~$220k
seriously? I would imagine that could cause a lot of bad blood in work places when people realise others doing the same or less than them are making more.
Boobs or Butt?
Yep. Did that with chick with Bs and all it accomplished was me laughing as i was only able to drag my hairy nuts over her chest.
Pros these days getting too much money that they dont know what else to do but buy diamond rings - would have never seen this in the good old days :D
Richard Lewis fight
You dont even need to see what happened in person to realise by the tweets that kelly is firstly a dumb cunt not realising that Rlewis is joking around with Hiko and that they are friends and he would...
C9 Pronax
Lets be realistic. C9 is getting nowhere with n0thing calling.
Major In Aus
Only a dab on the neck and wrists so it slowly releases throughout the date.