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Pita to NiP
I would like to see him again as coach, cus lets be honest threat havn't been so good for nip these past months
NiP deserve spot at qualifications
I'm a NiP fan but they don't actually deserve that spot because they have been playing like dogshit these months, it's sad but true
VP and NiP fix
#1 true but flusha will never leave fnatic
NiP release pyth
Pyth was never the problem..
NiP vs iGame.com
ez for f0rest
gtr and f0rest in htc
f0rest and draken would be much better.. GTR sucks now :/
starix joins Spirit
I hope it will work out, glhf
Tricked replace Gambit at DH Tours
was looking forward to see gambit to win this event aswell :/ wellwell, time for Na'vi to shine
beyond the summit
yeh I like this too! laidback chillin
This bullshit with Loop went way too far...
Why? He got a shitty sickness which isnt easy when you are 17 years old like him, Im just happy that he gets money and stuff like that which make it little bit more easier from him to live a more "nor...
NV loop
I really like this!
Spartak to expand into esports
inb4 they pick up a tier 4 russian team.. I hope they get a good team!
kennyS & shox to HTC 2v2
Niko and kio would be deadly! JW and flusha olof and pasha/krimz f0rest and xizt/GTR taz/snax and Neo s1mple and flamie/seized fallen and coldzera device and kjaerbye Those c...
man you really have to be poor.. you are so happy to earn 50 euro on three months lol, you can go out and beg to get more money
Afghanistan thread
Well it was ISIS who got attacked.