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UK most popular boy names
Get out. You are not allowed to use logic here!
Thorin rekts olof
f0rest is a legend, as is GTR, but s1mple is by far the best that ever was at the moment. His domination last year was from another world. Sure, f0rest also dominated in his prime, but the competition...
17.5k USD if nip delivers
GL :p as a NiP fanboi from the 1.6 days, I hope u win!
France wtf
Dude, they just changed two labels in a school form from "mother" and "father" to "parent 1" and "parent 2". How the fuck is that a big deal? It's just more general so it includes everybody. Who teh f...
France wtf
It's bad but it's the only thing they could do when going F2P. Playing without Prime from now on will be a nightmare. People who only started the game and don't have Prime won't stick around with spin...
Nope because new accounts won't be Prime.
how the fuck does this have to do with socialism
s1mple cheat proof
Read again. He wanted to cheat with his friends, not saying his friend cheated with his account.
Flat Earthers come here
flat earthers can't explain anything, that's why they're flat earthers
Smooya VAC Banned?
"you guessed it right he is cheating...... Im not saying he is" xD. He might have cheated once and got caught. Doesn't mean he cheated in every games of his life.
Pasha gold digger??
He's just trolling you guys back :) he doesn't actually mean it.
RIP Anthony Bourdain
Thx for info I'll check his work :)
Rain cheating lmao
how bad do you have to be to think this is cheating ? something like DMG?
fake fan detector !
what happened that day?