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about me:
low budget flash game designer
low stake limit poker master
tentpole fanclub creator (in the old hltv matrix RIP)
speedrunner of any games (mostly NES and valve games)
former "PRO" level surfer and KZ player
I used to play alooot of CS back in 2003-2008 (as Flow, Maestro_Flow, or just "Master")
now just observer and proud community member, we really made it didn't we"!

SK Gaming is Believing!

SK Gaming is a professional eSports organization based in Germany. Founded in 1997 under the name "Schroet Kommando" in Oberhausen, Germany, it has since then grown into the largest and most well-known eSports organization in the world, and they are primarily known for their hugely successful Counter-Strike team but has teams across the world competing in different titles.

SK's Brazilian CS team won the ESL One Cologne 2016 Major and the MLG Columbus 2016 Major back to back, as well as ESL PRO League Finals season 3 London,
cs_summit players only event,
Esports Championship Series Season 2,
DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017,
Intel Extreme Masters XII - Sydney 2017
DreamHack Summer 2017,
Esports Championship Series Season 3 - Finals 2017
ESL One: Cologne 2017,
along with numerous top3 placings strongly reestablishing SK's return to glory and presence in the top of the Counter-Strike community where it rightfully belongs

SK is one of the founding members of the G7 Teams. SK currently has players and teams competing in League of Legends, Quake, SMITE, fight sports video games, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, World of Warcraft, Rocket League, and Vainglory among other games

The most dominating force in past & modern day Counter-Strike!

Current championship winning roster:
BrazilGabriel 'http://FalleN' Toledo (Top awper 2016)
BrazilFernando http://'fer' Alvarenga
BrazilEpitacio http://'TACO' de Melo
BrazilMarcelo http://'coldzera' David (Top Player 2016)
BrazilJoao 'http://felps' Vasconcellos

MLG Columbus CS:GO Major set new records in counterstrike viewership

notable past players:
DenmarkJonas http://'Whimp' Svendsen
DenmarkDanny http://'Zonic' Sørensen
SwedenChristoffer http://'brunk' Elfving
SwedenErik http://'Medion' Engström
SwedenJohan http://'Hyb' Carlund
NorwayOla http://'ElemeNt' Moum
SwedenMarcus http://'Bengan' Bengtsson
NorwayRuben 'http://DarK' Bielenberg
NorwayJørgen http://'XeqtR' Johannessen
SwedenMichael http://'Ahl' Korduner
SwedenEmil http://'HeatoN' Christensen
SwedenChrister http://'Fisker' Eriksson
SwedenTommy http://'Potti' Ingemarsson
SwedenAbdisamad http://'SpawN' Mohamed
SwedenMattias http://'Snajdan' Andersen
SwedenKristoffer http://'Tentpole' Nordlund
SwedenMarcus http://'zet' Sundström
SwedenDennis http://'Walle' Wallenberg
SwedenJimmy http://'Allen' Allén
SwedenMarcus http://'Delpan' Larsson
DenmarkMartin http://'Trace' Alexander Bang Heldt
SwedenChristopher http://'Get_RiGhT' Alesund
SwedenPatrik http://'f0rest' Lindberg
BrazilGustavo http://'SHOOWTiME' Gonçalves
BrazilLincoln 'http://fnx' Lau
PortugalRicardo 'http://fox' Pacheco

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