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Ill rate your csgo name
mOE rekt stewie and slemmy
I don't think stewie2k has underperformed at all, actually I think it's quite the opposite.
Son of moe
ISIS has nothing to do with Islam
Pretty sure they were married at 6 and sex at 9
Tabsen drug addict??1?1
Vape Nation
Russian politics lmao
What do you expect from a fanatic group, they get around 4% of presidential votes each election, every county has these types of far right groups that no one takes serious.
Why olofmeister is the king?
olofmeister took 3 months off to try to play legit, good for him but it won't work.
Yee_lmao1 GONE
https://www.reddit.com/r/VACsucks/comments/4nz0j1/the_end/ He said he will be back...........now we wait......
Valve is fucked | SiEGED
Why would they risk their careers for this? Its all about $$$ at the end of the day. Flame if you want but its the truth and you need to realize it. Cheaters won't get busted because valve is in on...
Yee_lmao1 Identity
Regardless, my point was that in their forum sticky post, they clearly stated they don't do manual bans, but the bans all happened spread apart and not in a wave, which is odd to me. Then there have ...
Yee_lmao1 Identity
Not to change your topic but if you are at all familiar with esea, they had a sticky post about their anti cheat update which miraculously disappeared today. Even though the players they banned were ...
Yee_lmao1 Identity
Pros could have insider info on map changes, I'm pretty sure they use pro intel on changes but I could be wrong. And I'm pretty sure all pros are somewhat friendly towards each other and exchange inf...
Yee_lmao1 Identity
Inb4 its tarik who has inside info on the trade and moves, and is greedy for 500 subs to reveal his own name and say it was just a prank bro.
many pro players cheaters
I agree with what you are saying, I did not want it to sound like it was easy to get to the pro scene, my point was if you cheat your way up to the pro scene, odds are your going to continue to do so ...